Shadow: cloud computing services for gamers arrive in Italy

Matteo De Filippi

Shadow has announced the arrival of its cloud computing services, designed for gamers and beyond, in Italy. Let’s find out this service together

Cloud services have taken up more and more space over the years. From simple storage to save our most important memories or work files that can be opened anywhere, they have evolved over time. Just think of the various Google Stadia, Amazon Luna o Nvidia GeForce Now (not counting theXbox Game Pass and the new PlayStation Plus) that allow us to play anywhere without the need for bulky consoles to carry around every time.

In this sense it has moved Shadowcreating a cloud computing service designed entirely for PC gamers and more it has recently also been accessible in Italy, Sweden and Denmark. Let’s see in more detail the offer of the company founded in 2015.

Everything we need to know about Shadow’s cloud computing services

Contrary to what one might think, this service it is very different from Google Stadia and company. If those are all about gaming, Shadow is so much more. Thanks to this service it will in fact be possible, through a monthly subscription fee, get access to a gaming PC in a data center. It will then be possible to connect via computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV and play with the power of a gaming computer.

The purpose of the company is therefore to “to freegamers from hardware constraints that limit their machines and allow you to enjoy the latest triple A games even on PCs that are outdated and no longer performing. The renewed subscription service features an updated plan. While the starting price remains 29.99 euros per month, the company now offers the brand new Power Upgrade, for an additional 14.99 euros. The latter includes a PC with the following technical specifications:

  • A CPU AMD EPYC 7543P con 4 core and 8 thread
  • The power of a high-end GPU ranging from:
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
    • Equivalent NVIDIA graphics cards tailor-made for professionals
    • The ultimate GPU AMD basate su RDNA 2included AMD Radeon PRO V620 designed for cloud computing and gaming
  • RAM da 16 GB

Shadow: cloud computing services for gamers arrive in Italy

Obviously these PCs can also be used to work, as they can use “more demanding” software in terms of consuming hardware resources. In addition, the very first customers who subscribe to Shadow PC in Italy, Denmark and Sweden will benefit from one sconto Early Birds. This discount, available in very limited quantities, will not be timed and it will remain active for the duration of the subscription until its termination. The amount is 5 euros per month.

The Power Upgrade will be distributed periodic batches, but no queuing system will be put in place – the Upgrade will simply appear available (or unavailable) on the SHADOW website depending on each country’s current status. A nice idea that of the company that could certainly revolutionize the world of gaming and beyond. What do you think of this service? Let us know yours in the comments. For more details, please refer to the official website. If you do not want to miss further news related to the technological universe, keep following the pages of everything!