SharkNinja arrives in Italy with a wide range of appliances

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SharkNinja has entered the Italian market with its appliances. The company was founded in the early 90s with the name of Euro-Pro Operating LLC and got its current name in 2015. It currently owns more than 550 patents which it uses in over 150 products. The brand is known for designing and manufacturing best-in-class appliances, with a focus on design. It currently has 3 different Research and Development Hubs located in the UK, USA and China. This is to take advantage of the different time zones and have a non-stop design cycle. The aim is to quickly offer new ideas and new solutions.

Another fundamental element for SharkNinja in the development of its products is consumer feedback. In fact, each item, before being put on the market, it is tested by users for several days and subjected to numerous checks and, in the event of a negative response, it is not distributed. This allows the company to offer household appliances capable of satisfying everyone’s needs and respecting an excellent quality standard.

Another factor that contributes to guaranteeing the validity of the products is the union, in a single company, of two top-of-the-range brands. On the one hand we have Shark, specialized in high performance appliances designed to meet the needs of cleanliness and personal care, on the other hand we have Ninja, recognized
for multifunctional solutions dedicated to the kitchen, from powerful blenders to air fryers, multicookers and cooking devices, which facilitate the preparation of food and drinks.

The technological innovation of SharkNinja appliances

SharkNinja presents a large portfolio of household appliances: from cordless and cordless vacuum cleaners, to robots, from steam mops to handheld vacuum cleaners. The offer does not lack the line dedicated to personal care with the hairdryer whose technologies are the result of careful internal planning. Among the latest technological innovations are: the special tubo Flexology, which allows the vacuum cleaners to fold easily and effortlessly; the anti-tangle Anti Hair Wrap technology which helps to avoid the formation of accumulations on the brush roller of the vacuum cleaner; the exclusive DuoClean head which, thanks to the innovative design of the new PowerFins bristles, cleans without interruptions, sliding easily on different surfaces and different types of floors.

The appliances dedicated to the kitchen, on the other hand, boast multiple functions and automatic programs that allow the products to operate without any kind of supervision. SharkNinja has developed powerful blenders and high-performance food processors and functional yet compact appliances. There is no shortage of versatile cooking tools, including multicookers, grills, air fryers and cooking devices that making food preparation easier and faster thanks to a large amount of multiple functions. Each product is designed to be performing but also to be easy to use.

Here are some of the products in detail

The Shark IZ320EUT is a cordless electric broom technological, foldable and light, suitable for cleaning the whole house. Thanks to the high suction power, the two DuoClean motorized brushes and the new PowerFins bristles, this broom is optimal for all types of floors. Anti-tangle Anti Hair Wrap technology removes hair and hair from the brush during suction and the special Flexology tube allows it to bend easily and effortlessly, also allowing it to be stored standing up. The smart LED display shows the charge level and allows you to select the type of surface, from marble to carpets, alternating between different power and suction modes. In addition, Shark’s anti-allergen system captures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a double battery system that ensures a long autonomy.

sharkninja air fryer

The 7.6 liter Ninja Foodi air fryer has 6 different cooking modes: Max Crisp, roasted, baked, for heating, drying and for air frying. Thanks to the SYNC function, it allows you to cook two different dishes with the possibility of using two different cooking modes. This finishing both cooking in the same moment in order to be able to serve the dishes at the same time. For those with a large family, it is possible to double the number of servings thanks to the MATCH function. In this way, both drawers will be used to cook the same dish in the same way. The Foodi air fryer is up to 75% faster than ventilated ovens. And it allows you to cook fried dishes by significantly reducing calories.

Shark and Ninja products are available directly through the official e-commerce of Shark e Ninja, or through Amazon. They are also on sale at MediaWorlds throughout Italy.

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