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Shiba Inu: the agreement with PlaySide for the development of the videogame arrives

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There has been a lot of talk about the alleged Shiba Inu video game, the announcement of which generated skepticism among cryptocurrency fans. Today comes the official agreement with the well-known software house PlaySide Studios.

Will PlayStide Studios work on the Shiba Inu video game?

A Shiba Inu like to deny their detractors, we can only comment on the news of the collaboration between the cryptocurrency and PlaySide Studios. Last month the announcement of Shytoshi Kusama wanting to work on a video game was met with a lot of skepticism by cryptocurrency fans. The leader of the token had also announced that the development of the game it would have been entrusted to a triple-A software house (i.e. of an important level). A promise clearly kept given the fact that the partnership with PlaySide Studios has become official, which has developed over 50 titles over the course of its history, including major franchises. Among others we mention The Walking Dead, Jumanji e Spongebob.

As we originally reported, the idea is to create a mobile game. confirms that videogames should be a collectible card game: that there are NFT? After all, they are the fashion of the moment!

On the agreement between Shiba Inu and PlaySide we know that the game will become the property of Shiba, who will not give the developer any percentage of future revenues. The payment, according to the press release issued by the same developer, will take place in US dollars and non-cryptocurrencies. While still little is known about the release of the game. Some rumors speak of spring / summer 2022, but no internal source has confirmed these speculations. We will see if the release of a video game will be useful to bullish purposes in Shiba Inu Coin.

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