SHOKZ headphones: the best ally for outdoor sports

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SHOKZ OpenRun and OpenMove headphones offer sound quality, lightness, solidity and also safety. Thanks to bone conduction they allow the perception of the surrounding environment

Training outdoors is the winning choice for this season and choosing the right playlist is certainly one of the real must-haves for an outdoor workout. In fact, there’s nothing more motivating and engaging than a personal soundtrack. Music lifts morale, increases motivation and distracts us from physical fatigue, allowing us to go beyond our limits. However, the headphones and earphones we use to listen to music while relaxing are not suitable for sports, especially outdoors.

So how to choose the right product? In addition to wireless connectivityit is essential that it guarantees a secure grip, so it stays firmly in place during the most strenuous activities. It must be sweat resistantpossibly in bad weather and cannot accept compromises on audio quality, which must be sharp and dynamic throughout the workout. A very good one autonomy it’s a lightweight design close the picture of the ideal product, which therefore must be specifically dedicated to sports use.

In reality, there is still one aspect to evaluate: the safety. Using headphones or earphones that completely isolate us from ambient sounds is a risk, as it prevents us from perceiving important warnings. Therefore, the ideal product is the one which, in addition to all the characteristics mentioned, can guarantee quality audio without filtering the surrounding environment. But does it exist?

SHOKZ headphones: OpenRun and OpenMove, innovation in the world of outdoor music

Distributed in Italy by Attiva, le SHOKZ headphones they are the ideal solution for a pleasant, engaging and safe outdoor experience. In a market traditionally stingy with innovations, they stand out for their sound bone conduction technique, which transmits sound waves directly to the inner ear without physical contact with the ear canal. The result is amazing: the user hears an immersive and quality sound while having the ear free, and can thus perceive ambient sounds that are often suppressed by traditional headphones and earphones.

Model SHOKZ OpenRun is dedicated to those who practice sports and want a very high performance product for their workouts. Weighing only 26 grams, the model embraces the brand’s Open Ear philosophy and offers a superior audio experience thanks to PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology, which through advanced algorithms provides dynamic, wide and crystalline stereo sound. OpenRun stands out for its ergonomic design that guarantees a solid grip, for touch controls and for the optimized management of phone calls, thanks to the separation of the voice from the background noise. Last but not least, an autonomy of up to 8 hours of music makes the product ideal for a whole day away from home.


Headphones SHOKZ OpenMove Instead, they focus on versatility. The model has been designed to adapt to daily use, offering comfort, practicality and lightness. It is therefore ideal for pleasant walks, but also for short journeys and journeys, for use in the office or at home. OpenMove stands out for its modern and refined design and for its lightness (29 grams) which guarantees a feeling of great comfort. The titanium coating is resistant to water, sweat and humidity, and the 6-hour autonomy accompanies your daily routine without interruption.

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