Shopping online with Macai. How does it work?

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The online shopping. If there is one thing we have learned to do during the pandemic, it is this. Not that it was not possible before, mind you, but the need has made us all more experienced and inclined to shop online.
With the experience came awareness as well. Because it is ok to shop online but we must be able to count on a wide range of products and above all on quality goods. And this is where it comes into play Macai.

What is Macai?

Macai is an online supermarket that, via application, available per iOS e Androidallows you to shopping online.
The project was born in 2021 and today the service is active in Milan, Turin, Modena, Brescia and Bologna, with other cities to be added to the list in the coming months.

How does Macai work?

When it comes to home delivery, we tend to have two types of service in mind:

  • The supermarket chain that allows you to shop online and schedule delivery;
  • The apps dedicated to delivery, with the riders who go to affiliated stores and supermarkets to collect your bags and take them home as quickly as possible.
  • Macai is a hybrid.
    Let us give you an example.
    Imagine opening the application and placing the order.
    What happens on the other side?
    Macai has dark stores, which we could describe as supermarkets closed to the public. Inside, the products are placed on the shelves, just like in all other grocery stores.
    In the dark store we find the pickers, that is the employees who receive your order and take care of filling the bags with what you have requested.
    Once the shopping is ready, a rider picks it up and delivers it to you in minutes.

    Macai delivery days and times

    This is why we have defined the Macai model as a “hybrid”, because the speed is typical of the applications dedicated to delivery but at the same time we have the extreme variety of supermarkets. Indeed, to tell the truth the company has worked hard to be able to have a wider offer than the competition, with thousands of products which come both from large-scale distribution and from agreements made with artisans and producers in the area.

    Shopping online with Macai: how do you do it?

    The first time we went shopping online with Macai, we wondered what sense it made to continue using other similar platforms.
    The app is intuitive, the delivery is fast, the products are undoubtedly of quality. And don’t worry, the prices are absolutely in line with those of other supermarkets.
    But, before telling you why you should try the service, let’s take a step back: how do I use the Macai app?

    The first step is of course download the application from the Google Play Store or the App Store, after that you will have to create your account. The operation takes a few moments: just type in your phone number, enter the confirmation code that arrives via SMS and that’s it.

    Macai how it works

    At this point you will have to specify the delivery address, using the GPS to automatically retrieve the position or by entering the address by hand. The app will also ask you to specify the delivery details and to indicate if the address is that of your home, workplace or if it belongs to a third category. All this to help you with future orders.
    Of course, at any time you are free to add, modify and delete the addresses entered.
    In addition, the app, once you have chosen the place of delivery, will give you an estimate of the time it will take to deliver your order, so you will know how long Macai will take before placing your order.

    After completing these preliminary steps you will need to do your shopping online. The application is divided by categories e each product has its own card with name, price, description and useful information such as nutritional values, ingredients and allergens.
    You will also find special sections that change over time and that also include offers and news of the week.
    Finally, there is no lack the search buttonlocated in the center, at the bottom, so you can find what you need on the fly.

    When you have finished filling the cart, you can press the appropriate icon to view the entire order, which contains both the list of selected products and the cost.
    We also point out that in this screen, which precedes the payment one, you have the possibility to enter a discount code.
    Now you just have to click on the total cost, carry out the transaction with PayPal or credit card and wait. We anticipate that it will arrive in the coming months the possibility of paying with meal vouchers. One more option that could be really useful to you.

    Macai will update you on the status of your order as you go, until notification of delivery. Among other things, like any good delivery app, the rider has the possibility to contact you by phone, so in case of problems or difficulties he can call you.

    Macai app 2

    Macai app 3

    Macai app 4

    Macai app 5

    Macai app 6

    Macai: days and times

    At this point you may be wondering when to use Macai. In short, can I do the shopping when I want?
    Well, actually, yes.
    The service is active every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 9 to 22.00.

    Why choose Macai?

    macai discount code

    There are many reasons to try Macai and we have already partially anticipated them.
    The first undoubtedly concerns the wide offer: thousands of products and about double what expected by the competition of quick delivery, not to mention that the attention to the quality of what is proposed to customers has led the company to make agreements also for local and artisanal products.

    The principle of “quality” then we find it in all phases of the purchase. The application is simple and intuitive, you always know where your order is and the product catalog is updated in real time, so you know immediately if something is not available.

    We can not then fail to mention the speed of servicewith delivery times that are what food delivery apps have accustomed us to.

    And finally we have the costs, with the prices of the products that are in line with the competition. There delivery then it has no exorbitant costs: solo 1,90 €.

    All these elements make Macai an excellent alternative for all those who have little time available but they don’t want to give up quality shopping.

    Shopping with Macai: discount code

    We convinced you to try Macai? Then you just have to download the application and use ours discount code TECHPRINCESS15 which allows you to save 15 € on a minimum cart of 30 € and is valid for 1 use.