Siemens lancia il suo showroom virtuale thumbnail

Siemens launches a virtual showroom to showcase its home appliances

Siemens launches its virtual thumbnail showroom

Siemens Home Appliancesa reference point in Europe for the built-in appliances sector for high-end kitchens, unveils its new virtual showroom which focuses on virtual reality to offer customers an exclusive look at the design, innovation and performance of the company’s products. Here are the details of the project:

Siemens launches its virtual showroom that leverages virtual reality to showcase the ecosystem of products

Inside the new digital space of Siemens it is possible to discover the entire ecosystem of the company’s products. The Siemens virtual showroom, in fact, looks like a real open space home with a modern and elegant character. The products are presented in a real context and are accompanied by the support of images, videos and technical information.

There is also a section dedicated toIntelligent Kitchen which allows you to discover all the innovative solutions proposed by the company. It should also be noted that the products shown in the Siemens virtual showroom can be controlled remotely thanks to theapp Home Connect than making the use of household appliances even smarter.

It is possible to access the virtual showroom consult the official website. Just click on Start to immediately enter the open space dedicated to the company’s product ecosystem. With a few clicks it will be possible to discover all the characteristics of the desired products and explore the Siemens proposals.

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