Una mod per PC trasforma Sifu in Matrix thumbnail

Sifu becomes the Matrix thanks to a mod for PC

A PC mod turns Sifu into a Matrix thumbnail

Less than a month after the release, Sifu is confirmed as a great success, to the point that a developer has created a mod that transforms the game into the Matrix, complete with Neo and agent Smith.

Sunglasses and black trench coat: on Sifu comes Neo by Matrix

Only a few weeks have passed since the release of Sifu for PC and PlayStation, and the game was immediately confirmed as a great success. In addition to the thousand copies sold, the video game was also particularly appreciated by the players, to the point that many mods developed by users were born. Among the many there is also one that transforms the Matrix door in-game, complete with Neo in a black trench coat and enemies who take on the role of Agent Smith.


Mods are available on NexusMods and there are also some themed Spider-Man, Batman, Daredevil, and even Venom. Others also allow you to expand the move set and adjust the camera. In reviewing the video game, our Francesco Castiglioni described it as “a product with a strong cinematic look and focused almost entirely on the complexity of its gameplay. A story of revenge, as befits the canons of films on martial arts vintage, which takes on the tones of a metaphor as you get closer to its final bars. “

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