Sifu: difficulty levels along with many accessibility options

Sifu: ecco le nuove informazioni sul combat system del titolo thumbnail

The boys of sloclap they just confirmed that Sifuthe new title of the software house that was particularly appreciated for its brutal combat system and its steep learning curve, will receive new difficulty levels and accessibility in the near future. To confirm the arrival of the new game modes was Pierre Tarno, the co founder of the software house.

Sifu: new difficulty levels are coming

pierre tarno recently confirmed in an interview that many new features are coming to the game. The executive subsequently posted on his account Twitter staff that post-launch updates will have more readable subtitles, high contrast modes and new difficulty levels. Specifically, Tarno confirmed that Sifu will have an easier mode and a more difficult one than normal.

A choice therefore to satisfy both poles of users who have expressed their opinion on Sifu during the past few days, or those looking for an even more intense challenge and those who, on the contrary, have complained excessive difficulty as you work your way through the game’s revenge story. The latter branch of players have been particularly vocal during the past few days and it must be said that Sifu actually does not discount in terms of the combat system.

Pad in hand, it’s hard to imagine a more difficult version of the game anyway, as this would likely imply instant death from any opponent’s hit, if we consider the way it already is. balanced the game. In short, a challenge worthy of the best martial arts master.

Unfortunately, Tarno did not talk about timing, so it is not clear, at the moment, when this update will arrive on Sifu, which is why we will have to wait for an official communication from the software house, which we do not doubt will arrive soon.