Sifu: one million copies sold for Sloclap fighting game

La recensione di Sifu: un picchiaduro action senza pietà thumbnail

Sifu has just reached the milestone of one million copies soldaccording to what he said sloclap, the software house that developed it. This is an excellent result for the studio, given that Sifu is an independent video game, despite being an exclusive, and a very important first milestone for the team, which said they were very satisfied.

Sifu has sold a million copies

“We are thrilled with Sifu’s welcome from both fans and the press,” said Sloclap executive producer. pierre tarno. “We set out to create an authentic kung fu action game that pays homage to our favorite kung fu movies.” A bet that was evidently won by the studio, given the excellent feedback dedicated to the game by the public.

Ever since the game came out last February 8 for PC and PS5, players have reached over 10 million hours of gameplay in total. Furthermore, beyond the 45% of the players has passed the second level, one of the most punishing in the game, if we consider the way it was balanced by the developers. Finally, as if that were not enough, beyond 150,000 managed to beat Yang at the end of the game.

Sifu takes place in a fictional Chinese city where players must rely on a magical pendant that can bring them back to life, which is obviously very useful, given the repeated attempts we will find ourselves making to overthrow a particularly unscrupulous antagonist. Using fighting styles reminiscent of classic kung fu movies, the lead character must remain resilient and keep trying again and again to overcome the challenges ahead of him.

But as fate would have it, the use of the pendant comes at a cost: every time you fall in combat, a drastic aging process is initiated that will soon lead to death if we lose too many times.