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Signal announces Usernames, to increase privacy

Signalthe messaging app famous for its attention to privacyannounced a new feature: i Signal usernames. This update gives users more control over visibility of their telephone numbers, providing a secure alternative to connect. In fact, you can connect without sharing your number, which Signal will no longer show by default.

Signal Usernames hide your phone number

Signal itself (via Gizchina) explains that the heart of the update is the possibility of hide phone numbers from specific people or make them completely invisible to those not saved in the address book. This detailed control, accessible from your settings, allows you to decide whether to show them to everyone, just some contacts or to no one. The option “you can find me through my number” further improves privacy by limiting who can discover your profile with your phone number.

But how do you connect with new people without showing your number? This is where i come into play “Signal Usernames”. Now users can create unique and memorable usernames which act as alternative identifiers to start chats without revealing phone numbers.

Usernames must be unique, ensuring that each functions as a distinct identifier. They are secret and they are not publicly searchable, unlike some usernames on social media. Users can pcustomize and modify them at any time. Furthermore, the update also introduces QR codes e Unique URLs linked to usernames, making it easy to share and start conversations.

Currently in beta versionthe update should reach all users in the coming weeks, improving their privacy.

When the update arrives, people will no longer automatically see phone numbers on Signal unless they’re in their contacts. Furthermore, you can choose who can find you on the platform via your number. And you can use your Username for additional privacy. However, a phone number is still required to register on the platform. If you need further information, you can find it on this page.

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