Signature MK650 e MX Keys Mini: novità Logitech for Business

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Logitech Signature MK650 and MX Keys Mini for Business are the novelties of Logitech. They offer a better employee experience and the highest quality for IT

The Logitech (here for more information on the company) today unveiled two new corporate mouse-keyboard combinations. Precisely I’m there MX Keys Mini Combo for Business and the Signature MK650 Combo for Business. These are conceived and designed to improve the experience and productivity of a company’s employees. The new combinations include safety wireless Logi Bolt, designed for business to ensure IT peace of mind. They have solid connectivity even in congested wireless environments. They are also compatible with the software Logi Options + recently released. They also provide easy product customization and application-based presets to streamline workflow and increase efficiency.

Signature MK650 e MX Keys Mini: novità Logitech for Business

Statements on the new Signature MK650 and MX Keys Mini

Below are the first statements about the new Logitech Signature MK650 and MX Keys Mini for Business.

These new mouse and keyboard combinations, designed to meet different business and employee needs, expand our business product portfolio,

he has declared Joseph Mingorivice president and general manager of B2B for Logitech creativity and productivity. Adding that

With this new approach, called The New Logic of Work, we recognize that the single model is no longer viable and everyone should have the devices that best fit their work style for an ideal workplace experience.

The new Signature line for companies

Our product line Signature for companies offers significant functionality improvements over commonly used mice and keyboards. These provide the comfort and productivity upgrades that every employee deserves. Available in graphite and off-white, the keyboard of the combo has a soft integrated palm rest. The side grips in shaped rubber mouse pads provide all-day comfort.

The new productivity shortcuts with a single keyboard key and typing Perfect Stroke they help increase efficiency while improving the employee experience. The mouse is equipped with the Silent Click technology, which reduces the click noise by 90%. It also owns the technology SmartWheel for ultra-fast scrolling and line-by-line precision.

Signature MK650 e MX Keys Mini: novità Logitech for Business

MX Keys Mini Combo for business

For employees with more advanced workflows, MX Keys Mini Combo for Business packs performance and versatility into a minimalist design that opens up more desk space and improves productivity. Available in graphitethe high-performance combination includes the mouse portatile MX Anywhere 3 for Business and the powerful and compact keyboard MX Keys Mini for Business. The combination plug-and-play ricaricabile it is compatible with all major operating systems, facilitating implementation and management.

The keyboard offers an experience of smooth typing with excellent tactile response. Backlit keys shine with smarter power management, automatically adjusting brightness to conserve battery life. The mouse follows almost any surface, including glass, and the wheel MagSpeed Offers users faster and more precise scrolling, down to the pixel.

Signature MK650 e MX Keys Mini: novità Logitech for Business

Logi + and Logi Bolt options

Intuitive and easy to use, Logi Options+ is a software application that allows customization of devices. For example, designating key and side button actions, app-specific presets, enabling dictation, and navigating across multiple Flow-enabled mouse computers to streamline your workflow. Options + is mass deployable, including the ability for IT to silently install and configure certain app parameters to meet business requirements.

Logi Bolt is Logitech’s next-generation wireless connectivity protocol. It is based on technology wireless Bluetooth Low Energy. Logi Bolt includes multiple security measures designed to give IT peace of mind by minimizing the risk of corporate vulnerability both in the office and remotely. It also provides solid connectivity even in congested wireless environments. And it is designed with Bluetooth security mode 1, level 4also known as Secure Connections Only Modewhich is compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).


The new combinations Logitech for Business include recyclable paper packaging from certified forests FSC and other controlled sources. Additionally, all Logitech products are certified carbon neutral. When you buy a Logitech product, that product’s carbon footprint has been reduced to zero. So as to support forestry, renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Additionally, some of the plastic parts used in the Signature MK650 Combo are made from recycled plastic post-consumer (PCR). 21% for the off-white and 28% for the K650 graphite keyboard and 26% for the off-white and 64% for the M650 graphite mouse.

MX Keys Mini Combo and Signature MK650 Combo will be available on the market in August 2022.

And what do you think of these new ones Combo of Logitech business products? tell us yours below in the comments and stay connected on, for the latest news from the world of technology (and more!).

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