Silicon Lottery ready to sell Intel Rocket Lake-S Pre-binned CPUs

Silicon Lottery ready to sell Intel Rocket Lake-S Pre-binned CPUs

The famous Silicon Lottery portal, as usual, has also announced pre-binned versions for the Intel Rocket Lake-S series of CPUs

We learn the news from the portal itself Silicon Lottery, which regularly with each launch of a new architecture both Intel and AMD, declare the tests carried out with the relative values, and then subsequently put these CPUs called binned (selected) for sale, with a surcharge that reflects the goodness of the same in terms of pure margin in Overclock.

It is always interesting to see theeffective Overclock margin of a given architecture, as not only each individual CPU is different from the other, but from one generation to the next there can be both positive and negative variations. Let’s try to find out how the new solutions behaved Intel Rocket Lake-S.

Silicon Lottery ready to sell Intel Rocket Lake-S Pre-binned CPUs

After 3 weeks the results obtained by Silicon Lottery arrive, we see in the slide shown at the opening several models, including the Core i9-11900K, Flagship CPU equipped with 8 cores, or the Core i5-11600K, the 6-core model. No Core i7-11700K, for now. We believe that this choice may be dictated by the fact that essentially this CPU is a model pre-coupled by Intel itself of a Core i9-11900K, but less “lucky”.

There are three variations of the Core i5-11600K. Silicon Lottery offers a cheaper model sold to 250 USD, with frequencies guaranteed for 4.8 GHz on all cores, we are talking about 200 MHz more than the stock model sold by Intel. The recommended voltage alone is equal to 1,45V. If, on the other hand, you want more, you will have to spend about 10 USD more, for a model that will guarantee you 400 MHz more than Intel’s stock version. Statistics report that it is 17% for all Core i5-11600K tested. The Core i9-11900K model also comes in three variants. And they will serve well 620 USD to have 4.9 GHz on all Cores, the good news is that almost with most models such frequencies have occurred, which basically means that luck could easily turn from yours even if you buy these CPUs elsewhere. In any case, there are also more extreme versions, to have 5.1 GHz on all cores, you will have to spend 880 USD.

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