Sci e snowboard attivano per errore la Crash Detection su iPhone thumbnail

Skiing and snowboarding accidentally trigger Crash Detection on iPhone

With the arrival of winter, enthusiasts have returned to the mountains in search of snow. But on sci they snowboardthey found that the abrupt movements of the descent can activate the Crash Detection on the new iPhone 14.

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Skis and snowboards trigger iPhone 14 Crash Detection

Minnesota Public Radio reported a series of false accident reports by the Crash Detection of the iPhone 14. So much so that the emergency switchboards have had more problems than usual in managing calls for accidents on the ski slopes.

Skiing, snowboarding and sledging have abrupt stops and changes of direction, which seem to fool the sensors for the Apple Watch Series 8 and iPhone 14 incident detection. Sensors on Apple devices, designed to detect car crashes, ask users if they want to call for help. But after 20 seconds of no answer, they call 911 in the US. And with skiers keeping their iPhones in the thick pockets of their anoraks, it seems like it’s happened more than once.

iphone 14

This feature increases the security of iPhone users. But if he sends too many false alarms, it risks reducing everyone’s safety, creating problems for ambulances and law enforcement.

During the last 10 seconds before calling for help automatically, iPhone vibrates and emits a siren sound. But as they descend the slopes, it seems difficult for users to notice. One solution to avoid false alarms is di disable the function as you climb the mountain. But in the unfortunate event of a real accident, users would regret not leaving Crash Detection turned on.

It therefore seems that the only viable solution should come from Cupertino, with a software update that should better calibrate the functionality. Apple has already “optimized” the feature with an update in iOS 16.1.2. After studying the movement of skiers, he could come up with a solution to avoid these false alarms.

At the moment Apple has not released any statements in this regard: we will keep you updated on the development of the matter.

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