Skullcandy: here are the best headphones for summer 2021

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Summer is now in full swing, and a pair of Skullcandy headphones are a great solution for listen to music on the go: soon we will see the best ones. Considering all the travel and commuting typical of summer holidays, a pair of wireless headphones is the ideal solution to never give up on your favorite songs.

Devices for wireless music listening have spread like wildfire in recent years, and the American manufacturer Skullcandy it is a great solution in the panorama.

Skullcandy, an industry leader in audio products, has a wide range of headphones and earphones, which make compactness and practicality their trump cards. Without further ado, here are the best proposals of the American company.

The best headphones for summer in Skullcandy

DIME: it is a pair of wireless earphones designed to meet the daily needs of users. The battery guarantees 12 hours of autonomy, there are integrated microphones on each earphone. The product is resistant to sweat and water. The price of DIME earphones is 39,99 euro.

INDY ANC: The two wireless earbuds can be used in pairs or individually. There is resistance to water and sweat, as well as a 19-hour battery life. They are equipped with TileT localization technology. The price of INDY ANC earphones is 119,99 euro.

HESH ANC: it is a pair of over ear headphones, with 22 hours of total autonomy and the fast charging function. Through the RapidCharge system you get 3 hours of autonomy with just 10 minutes of charging. It boasts an active background noise cancellation system. The price of the HESH ANC headphones is 129,99 euro.

HESH EVO: They are the right product if you are looking for premium audio quality. Thanks to the travel case, you can protect them from falls. Also here is the RapidCharge fast charging system, to give that boost to autonomy before leaving home again. The price of the HESH VEVO headphones is 99 euro.