Recensione Sky Rojo, dagli autori de La Casa di Carta

Sky Rojo review, by the authors of La Casa di Carta

From the authors of La Casa di Carta, Sky Rojo arrives on Netflix, a Spanish television series starring Argentine pop star Lali Esposito: read our review

ORIGINAL TITLE: Sky Red. KIND: Action and adventure. NATION: Spain. CREATOR: Alex Pina. CAST: Enric Auquer, Lali Esposito, Asier Etxeandia, Yany Prado, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Verónica Sánchez. DURATION: 23-32 min. about per episode. DISTRIBUTOR: Netflix. EXIT: March 19, 2021.

Colorful, adrenaline-pumping and full of twists, Sky Red is the new Spanish television series created by the authors of La Casa di Carta and available on Netflix since March 19. With a light and fast-paced narration, the story conceived by Alex Pina is the perfect entertainment for those who need to unplug for a while and enjoy some in the company of the sparkling protagonists.

The plot | Sky Rojo review

Following a fight and an (apparent) murder against their boss Romeo, the three prostitutes Coral, Wendy e Gina they are looking for an escape route from the place where they worked, the Las Novias Club. Hunted by the man’s minions and sought after by the police, the three girls will try in every way not to be discovered by chasing the dream of the much desired freedom.

A nice guilty pleasure | Sky Rojo review

There are series, like Lost or Breaking Bad, that have made TV history by relying on complex plots, captivating characters, exceptional actors, directors and writers. Then there are others, which do not have the ambition to reach the same levels as the first ones, but who simply want to entertain the target they are aiming for.

Sky Rojo belongs to the second group, because, even without too many pretensions, it manages to keep the viewer glued to the screen, who can count on a narrative full of unexpected twists, which follow one after the other, episode after episode, transporting him in a sparkling journey in which getting bored becomes impossible.

With Sky Rojo we are certainly not facing a must-see series, but a a cute and fun guilty pleasure, which will keep you company by encouraging you to see the next episode every time even if, at times, it will be difficult to suspend your disbelief.

The theme of consent | Sky Rojo review

Although it is far from being a masterpiece and does not want to aspire to be one at all, Sky Rojo manages to deal with a very important and current issue with the right tact and the right importance: that of consent.

Coral, Wendy and Gina have chosen to be prostitutes, but that doesn’t mean they should be despised and treated like objects. Although their job at Las Novias Club is to please the men and women who pay for their company, there are no extenuating circumstances that give customers the right not to respect their will. No means no, and the absence of consent means violence.

This is the reason why, even if the protagonists are guilty of an attempted murder, we can’t help but cheer for them, because we understand their fears, the difficulties and, above all, the sense of helplessness in front of men who they should protect them, but that they take advantage of them by abusing their position of power.


With just eight episodes of about half an hour each and a fast-paced storyline, Sky Rojo lends itself perfectly to the bingewatching mechanism, and takes the viewer on a cheerful, fun, a little campy and sometimes trashy journey, made of escapes in the middle of the night, heart-pounding sequences and struggles for survival in a glossy outline full of colors, sequins and glitter.

Pleasant entertainment (currently on offer) Not to be missed!