Sky WiFi is the fastest fixed network in Italy: Ookla’s speed test reveals it

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2023 of Sky WiFi opens with a confirmation: it’s still her the fastest fixed network in Italy. To confirm it and Ookla, a leading Internet diagnostic services company. Sky WiFi had already won the Speedtest Award in the first half of 2022.

To celebrate the confirmation of the primacy, Sky has launched ad a new communication campaignstill starring the Formula 1 driver Charles Leclercan exceptional testimonial that embodies speed and power.

How Ookla determines which is the fastest landline in Italy

To evaluate the speed of networks, Ookla relies on Speedtest Intelligence data analysis. The research was conducted in the period between July and December 2022. A ranking was then drawn up on the basis of the results obtained by consumers.

For the second time in a row Sky WiFi has reached a Speed ​​Score greater than 100. To be precise the score was 108.13. One result growing compared to 100.48 in the first half of 2022. With this result, Sky WiFi has over 21 points the runner-up operator and well 26 score the third.

Not only. Ookla has also compiled two different sub-rankings relating to download and upload speeds. Also in this case, Sky WiFi excelled, with the fastest download (507.36 Mbps) and the fastest upload (285.43 Mbps). Once again the values ​​were slightly up on last year’s results.

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