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Skyted Mask: masks for talking on the phone in public without being heard

Seeing them is a little scary, but they could prove very useful. Let’s talk about Skyted Mask, masks created by the French company Skyted, which use aerospace technology for a sound-absorbing device capable of isolating sound. The result? A mask to wear when making phone calls in publicso that others cannot hear what we say.

The idea came to Stéphane Hersen in 2021, when he worked for Airbus. Tired of people constantly on the phone on planes, Hersen began to wonder if it were possible to create a device that would prevent people on their phones from disturbing other travellers.

Thus he gets in touch with Frank Simona well-known researcher in acoustics at ONERA (French technological laboratory), with which he founded Skyted. Simon, who had previously developed a technology to silence jet engines called LEONARhas the intuition to use the same technology inside a mask.

Three years later here we are: the Skyted Mask

How Skyted Masks work

Skyted Masks work through a smartphone app and have the ability to “silence” our voice when we talk on the phone in public places such as taxis, trains and libraries. As? Absorbing 80% of vocal frequencies and isolating us from external noise.

Skyted has already designed four different variations of the masks: Skyted Mobilityfor those who travel often; Skyted Gamingper gamer, streamer e content creator; Skyted Difense, for use in the military sector; And Skyted Socialfor those suffering from dyslexia or Tourette’s syndrome.

Skyted Mask mask

The Skyted Masks will go on sale starting in May this year. However, they won’t be exactly cheap: the base price is around 280 euros. And then there’s the issue of weight: the masks weigh 220 gramsnot exactly very light.

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