Slavers, drug traffickers and armed groups are tolerated on Facebook

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The Wall Street Journal go back to publishing internal documents of Facebook which highlight how the content moderation is inadequate, especially outside the United States. Slavers, drug traffickers and armed groups have published unequivocal posts. But the response of the social network appears to be milder than expected.

Moderation on Facebook does not protect its users

In Middle East some Facebook posts have attracted women into abusive work situations, where they used them as slaves or violently forced sexual services. In Ethiopia they used social media to incite violence against ethical minorities. The Mexican cartel Cjng (Cartél Jalisco Nueva Generaciòn) uses it to pay assassins and to lure very young people who he then sends to training camps, so that they become drug traffickers and killers.

Those who have paid attention to the international news linked to social networks in recent years know these cases. And apparently Facebook also knows them. On the contrary, internal research and moderation teams have repeatedly reported these issues. But the answers were insufficient: the Journal reports that they removed some pages but in several cases they let the posts come back.

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According to the former president of the company Brian Boland, Facebook considers these events only “side effects” of working in these countries. Where the Facebook subscriber rate is constantly increasing: 90% of traffic comes from outside the United States and Canada for social media.

The Indian case is emblematic, in which in 2019 the internal research team of Facebook created a fake profile of an Indian woman. This is to understand what interactions an average woman would have had on the platform. The result? Extreme nationalist content, disinformation. Su Facebook Watch solo porno soft. And after a suicide bombing killed dozens of Indian paramilitaries and the government blamed Pakistan, the situation got even worse. Drawings depicting beheadings, images that hinted at a severed torso of a Muslim man. “I’ve seen more images of people killed in three weeks than I have seen in my entire life ”.

At the moment Facebook has not officially responded to the rumors published by the Wall Street Journal.

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