Slipknot talk about Knotverse: will it be the band’s metaverse?

Gli Slipknot hanno annunciato il Knotverse con un video emblematico: che sia un metaverso? thumbnail

Although the band joked that the announcement is “probably nothing special,” Slipknot fans are wondering what the Knotverse is.

Slipknot: the Knotverse? “Nothing special”

While waiting for the new album, fans of the band are asking themselves some questions. Corey Taylor, Slipknot frontman, confirmed last month that the masked titans of metal have now completed the new album that will follow 2019’s We Are Not Your Kind. in the past few days a mysterious video teaser with 742617000027, a song from 1999, as the background song. A video that only feeds the doubts of the fanni. In fact, the teaser reads the word “Knotfest” – the traveling festival that the band has held almost every year since 2012 – which becomes another word: “knotverse”.

Could it be a metaverse dedicated to the band’s fans? The most accredited hypothesis, but in any case not confirmed, is that Knotfest can become a virtual event from this year on. However, the video arrived with a message that reads “Probably nothing …” which could be translated as “Probably nothing special …”

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