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SmallRig RM120 review: RGB LED lamp for photos and videos

In this review the protagonist is SmallRig RM120 a very compact but powerful LED lamp for photos and videos that can help us in different situations. Let’s see if he has met our expectations!

In photography and video productions the most important thing is always and only the light. Even a smartphone, using proper lighting, can give spectacular results. In fact, what makes a shot or a video “cinematic” is not the tool used to shoot the scene, but the construction of the scene itself with the use of appropriate lighting and composition. A tool like SmallRig RM120 is really very useful, especially if we are a beginner and do not want to invest huge amounts. It is an RGB LED lamp capable of reproducing different effects. In this review we will understand what type of product it is and above all how it can be used best.

SmallRig RM120 review: RGB LED lamp for photos and videos

SmallRig RM120 Review: Design and Features

From the moment you open the box you have the feeling of handling a professional product. The build quality is good and the solidity of the product is felt it is partly made of aluminum alloy. The choice to use metal certainly gives greater resistance to wear and stress. as well as improving thermal dissipation. It also makes this LED spotlight beautiful to see and touch. The design is minimal and in line with what is expected of professional products.

The shape is rectangular (dimensions 125 x 75 x 15 mm). On a short side and a long side we have two 1/4 ″ threaded holes to mount the LED lamp on a support (like the one included in the package) both vertically and horizontally. On the upper long side we find the power button, while on the remaining short side we find the keys to adjust the intensity of the light, the color, the functions.

SmallRig RM120 is equipped with 120 RGB LEDs that put just under 1600 lux at a distance of 30 centimeters. To understand, it is bright enough to blind a person when used at a distance of 30 cm. With a CRI of 98+ we can expect an excellent emission spectrum and therefore that the original colors of our subjects must be preserved. There is also a small OLED screen to view the current settings. The LED lamp comes together with a semi-opaque rubber case that acts as both a diffuser and protection in case of falls.

SmallRig RM120 review: RGB LED lamp for photos and videos

SmallRig RM120 review: functionality and usability

We understand that this LED lamp has a good aesthetic and construction quality. But also on the functionality they are not far behind. SmallRig RM120 offers many creative lighting modes. By pressing the “SET” button on the side we can access the various modes of use:

  • FX: Includes a set of 12 built-in light effects that are inspired by real life – such as fire or a broken light bulb – or color effects such as automatic looping on all shades or or pulsing colors at random.
  • CCT: allows you to control the light temperature from 2500K to 8600K.
  • HSI: we will be able to control the hue and saturation of the colors emitted by the lamp, following the HSI representation standard
  • RGBW: we can control the color of the light by directly setting the colors with the RGBW code

SmallRig RM120 review: RGB LED lamp for photos and videos

The beauty is that with only 3 buttons you can control everything! One of the two dials directly controls the brightness of the LED spotlight. The second instead allows you to customize the settings. This second dial can be pressed and moved up and down, allowing for both fine and very fast variations. A nice, very clever and functional solution.

Overall, this LED lamp is very easy to use. In a few moments you can put on a small set up and start taking pictures or shooting your video.

SmallRig RM120 review: RGB LED lamp for photos and videos

SmallRig RM120 review: how to use it?

Let’s come to the key point: how can I make the most of this LED spotlight? The size and power obviously don’t make it suitable for any scenario. Surely SmallRig RM120 produces a good light if it is placed between 30 cm and 90 cm from the subject. In this situation you will have a homogeneous light, without vignetting and of good intensity. At this distance it can also be used as a main light. If instead we use it as a secondary light then we can also keep it more distant.

SmallRig RM120 review: RGB LED lamp for photos and videos

However, we come to some practical examples. For photos and videos still life e food it works great, both as a main and secondary light. Generally these are small subjects and therefore perfect for this type of illuminators. But we can also use it for portraits? The answer is yes! For a close-up, the SmallRig RM120 is great as both a primary and secondary light. If we want to make a half bust or full figure, we recommend using it only as a secondary light. If we shoot outdoors it will really be a salvation: very light to carry and powerful enough to act as a filler if we shoot in sunlight. For video, it can also be used as a background light or to create colorful effects. In reality, RGB light does not have a very wide applicability, perhaps we would have preferred to also see a version that emits only white light, but with more power. Given its compactness it is perfect for V-LOGs.


SmallRig RM120 is a LED spotlight very useful in both photography and video. His compactness and power make it truly versatile and can be the keystone for improve the quality of your shots and videos. This is not a light made to illuminate large subjects – in this case you can evaluate the LED torch lights – but its job is done very well. An excellent investment, perhaps together with his brother Pix M160. The price of $ 59 from the official store is more than fair. That’s all from the photography section, keep following us!

Points in favor

  • Premium materials, construction and design
  • Power-to-size ratio
  • Ease of use

Points against

  • RGB only useful in a few cases
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