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SmallRig Wave W1-C review: the smartphone microphone you don’t expect

In this article we are going to see SmallRig’s Wave W1-C review a smartphone microphone that may surprise you. Up to 100 meters of reception, an autonomy that thanks to its charging dock reaches 30 hours, plug and play connection and much more!

Whether you are an assault journalist, aspiring influencer or simply a lover of tech devices this Wave W1-C and the microphone you are looking for but that you still didn’t know you wanted. Obviously, not all that glitters is gold and we have found some small flaws, despite this we can be satisfied with this small but powerful device. Do you want to know more? Here is our review!

SmallRig Wave W1-C review: the smartphone microphone you don't expect

Technical sheet | SmallRig Wave W1-C review

Before getting to the heart of this review it is good to know some details of this device. As we have anticipated it is small and powerful, but let’s dissect some data:

  • Low latency transmission (10ms)
  • Maximum distance between receiver and microphone 100 meters (without obstacles)
  • Omnidirectional Mems microphone
  • Monitoring bidirectional and gain adjustment for real-time control
  • Adjustable receiver with an angle of up to 90 °
  • Connection Plug and play
  • 2.4G digital connection
  • Five hours from autonomy (which become thirty with the dock)

Design and Packaging | SmallRig Wave W1-C Review

Inside the package we find a receiver, ours microphone, and wind filter, a dock charging, a cable from charging “type-A to Type-C” e un manual of instructions. There packaging it is therefore rich and nothing is really missing.

The charging station as well as the microphone, the filter and the receiver are in a matte black which gives a discreet elegance. A strong point of the device is certainly enclosed in the dimensions. There dock enters quietly in a tasca and the microphone, like the receiver, is discreet.

The compartments of the dock also enclose the anti-wind filter so that you are always ready for any eventuality. There is not much to say about design, everything is focused on discretion and it works.

SmallRig Wave W1-C review: the smartphone microphone you don't expect

Test and Features | SmallRig Wave W1-C Review

We tested this microphone for about three weeks trying to diversify the receiver and the situations of use. After several hours spent recording we can give you a complete and objective opinion.

The quality recording on smartphone really is impressive. The audio turns out crystalline and, using the clip lock, we were able to stop the microphone on our shirt or shirt without weighing it down. Once “worn” you will totally forget you are wearing it.

As mentioned, we tested the microphone in several situations. Here we are have a good time a to record some Instagram stories both indoors and outdoors. Despite different background noises and different distances from our smartphone, we have never encountered any problems whatsoever. Also excellent is the possibility of being able to connect a headphones al microphone so that you can also use the microphone for a call.

Unfortunately, however, everything changes by connecting the microphone to a Fixed PC. In fact, we tried to record a few sentences through a couple of programs using the USB type C socket on the front of our Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB. Although the recording volume can be turned up on the left side of the microphone the perceived audio turns out really a lot basso. The only solution to the problem was to bring the microphone very close to the mouth. Unfortunately, in doing so, annoying pops were also recorded.

To do our tests we used for example Audacity for recordings or Discord for calls and the result was always quite disappointing. Obviously the microphone has been designed for use via smartphone but that it does not work properly even with the PC is a real shame.

SmallRig Wave W1-C review: the smartphone microphone you don't expect

Who should buy this SmallRig Wave W1-C?

In conclusion we are faced with a device that in mobility it is unparalleled. Once connected to your smartphone, a world will open up to you. No more muffled or too closed audio. The charging dock offers truly infinite autonomy.

If you are looking for a means to improve the audio of your content I think this device is right what you need. Obviously the microphone is aimed at users looking for the best and the price is not very low but overall for the quality of the microphone, the technology enclosed and the supplied accessories justify it in a big way.

As mentioned we were disappointed with the use on PC but we reiterate the concept that this SmallRig Wave W1-C is thought and designed to do something else.

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