Smart accessories for pets, how to buy on Amazon

smart pet accessories

If you have any pets then you must know that they are there smart accessories on Amazon that will make your life easier. Having a pet in the house is a great joy but also a huge commitment and responsibility. Fortunately, there are tricks that allow us to make the care of the four legs more agile.

Smart accessories for your puppy

We have seen that on Amazon there are various types of accessories for the care of your pet, useful for both walks and indoor activities. We offer you a selection of our favorite accessories.

Smart accessories for walking with your dogs

To make the walks easier to manage, we have decided to offer you a couple of accessories that will come in handy. So you can focus 100% on your furry friend.

Portable travel bottle for dogs

A kind of water bottle for walking with your dog, it is one small bottle, can deliver quickly fresh water, preventing them from drinking from pools of water that are not exactly clean.

The material is meant for dry quickly. Furthermore, the mechanism of block with a single touch imprevents accidental leaks. In fact, the button causes the water to flow in and out of the tank, at a rate sufficient to prevent spills. Another positive side: no waste is generated.

The cost of the bottle for animals is 14,99 euro su Amazon

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

animal accessories

The GPS locator to attach to the collar it could be the turning point for the more protective, or for those who have a dog that is difficult to keep at bay. In practice, with this device it is possible trace the position of your pet in real time and view the places it has visited in the past. Also, it is possible to define a safe area e get instant notification when your fours he abandons it. With a subscription starting from 4.17 € / month and the card SIM, already integrated, you can feel more confident in walking your dog and maybe leave it a little free.

The battery lasts 2-5 days depending on usage and takes up to 3 hours to fully charge.

The GPS tracker for dogs costs 49,99 euro and you can find it on Amazon

Smart toys for pets

Of course, there are also more tech animal toys than we are used to traditionally know. If you are concerned that your pets may get bored when they are alone, or you simply haven’t found a toy that they enjoy, then you could try these smarter toys.

The tech dog bone

Smart toy animals

This is a whole new bone for your dog, indestructible and interactive. In fact, it is a toy that can be controlled with the smartphone, which has different commands to make your four-legged play. The bone promises to adapt to your dog’s mood and respond to his needs. It loads via a usb cable and is made of bite resistant material. Obviously, your dog can obviously use it even if you are not controlling it with the phone, the toy will still be able to entertain your puppy. The cost of this dog toy is 145,99 euro

Petyoung, the interactive cat ball

animal accessories

Are you ready to discover the ball that will drive your cats crazy? Equipped with a removable magnetic feather and a ribbon it will immediately attract the attention of the kittens. The ball is rechargeable, equipped with automatic 360 ° rotation and projects a red LED light.

Petyoung automatically changes direction when it collides with a wall or corner. To turn it on or off, just open it and press the switch. Your cats will have a new prey to play with.

The cost of this led ball with plume is 18,99 euro

Useful accessories for the home

Finally, we want to show you some useful home accessories for pet owners. You know, even furry friends have their needs and this is a commitment and a responsibility, but with these objects, however, it will be easier to manage pets.

PiuPet Self-heating blanket

animal accessories

The innovative thermal blanket PiuPet stores the body heat of your cat or dog and returns it effectively to your pet. No need for power, so it will not increase your consumption. So there is no danger to your pet from electrical wires or a short circuit reaction. PiuPet can be even outside (for example in kennels) and at lower temperatures or on colder floors (for example in tiles).

Ideal for use in the car or for small pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs.

It is available in two different sizes the cost is about 20/25 euros, according to the measure.

Puppy Kitty, the automatic food dispenser

animal accessories

With this automatic pet food dispenser, you can program up to 4 meals and dispense d1 to 39 servings per meal. In fact, it is calibrated on portions of 10g (10-390g) and it is possible to set the quantity according to the needs of your pet. Plus, you can record your voice up to 8 seconds to call your furry ones to eat (as if needed).

The acoustic alarm reminds you to recharge the food compartment when empty, yes we know, your pet can remember it even on its own. The container and the storage tray are therefore removable easy to clean.

This distributor works or with batteries or via the usb cable; the cost on Amazon is approx 60/70 euro, based on the color you choose.

Smart Pet Accessories: Cat Drinking Fountain


Cat owners know how picky cats are, even if it’s just about drinking water. There automatic fountain ensures a recycling of water to have continuous running water.

With a capacity of 2 liters made of high-quality BPA-free plastic, odorless and resistant, it is safe for your pets. In addition, it is equipped with technology anti-overflow.

The cost of the fountain is 24,98 euro your Amazon.

Do you already have these smart accessories for your pets? To discover other accessories for pets you can read our article here.

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