Smart Screen SD7 di Ezviz è l'alleato tecnologico per la casa intelligente thumbnail

Smart Screen SD7 by Ezviz is the technological ally for the smart home

Ezviza world leader in creating products for a smart, comfortable and safe life, presents the new smart screen SD7an all-in-one display that allows you to manage the entire ecosystem of security devices offered by the brand (cameras, smart locks, doorbells and intercoms) in a simple and intuitive way, taking the concept of a smart and connected home to a higher level .

Smart Screen SD7 by Ezviz, what is it for

The SD7 screen allows each member of the family to Access and preview images and videos from camerasto monitor the status of the various devices from a single interface and to easily customize their settings to allow everyone to manage their home comfortably and easily.

An innovative smart screen at the heart of the Ezviz ecosystem

SD7 features a 7-inch IPS display equipped with a battery with fast charging and a power of 4,600 mAH and supports the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectionunique features that allow maximum portability within your home, as if it were a tablet.

This allows you to always have your home under control and helps to extend the communication of the home security systems and existing entrances, connecting up to 30 Ezviz devices, organized in a single interface. SD7 thus places itself at the center of the ecosystem, making daily management easier.

For example, if there is an Ezviz HP7 intercom it is possible to easily respond from the display to see who is at the door and let guests in; or view camera footage in real time to see what’s happening in another room. Also, thank you to interconnectionit is possible to build a smart screen system with up to 10 SD7 devices that can be placed in different places in the house, further improving overall management.

Price and availability

The SD7 screen is available for sale online on Amazon, Mediaworld and both on the website and in Leroy Merlin stores, at the recommended retail price of 149,99€.

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