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Smart thermostats alone are not enough

I smart thermostats they can allow you to save energy, but they are not enough: the algorithms control like those of Airzone allow you to save up to 73% energy. Saving on your bills and reducing CO2 emissions.

Airzone: combine algorithms and intelligent thermostats

Recently the Task Force USA-UE sulla energy security has decided to invest in smart thermostats. At least 1.5 million smart energy-saving thermostats will arrive in the EU within the year. An initiative that the President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the US President Joe Biden they announced in a joint note.

However, according to Airzone, focusing everything on smart thermostats is not enough. Air conditioning experts explain that thermostats alone they don’t lead to that level of optimization in every room that allows you to get the right temperature both in summer and in winter.

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“This is certainly a useful solution, but it does not fully solve the problem of energy saving unless there is a significant decrease in the climatic quality of the environment”, he explains. Davide Truffo, HVAC Senior Manager of Airzone.

“The so-called intelligent thermostats are only able to switch systems on and off based on people’s behavior and commands. True intelligence lies in the machine control algorithms, which allow them to work in that power range – between 45% and 60% – where they have the best performance. This is the only way to save electricity ”.

The artificial intelligence that understands the behavior of the person, managing the house temperature in an optimal way, is not enough. In fact, the capacity of g is also neededestare the system in a smart way. Even the thermostat always connected does not have this ability alone. We therefore need systems equipped with control algorithms. Which are designed to optimize the operation of the entire system.

In this way energy saving reaches up to 73%. Which means less expensive bills and at the same time less polluting the environment. Find more information about Airzone at this address.

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