Gli SMS sono ancora vivi: il loro uso è in crescita del 35% da tre anni thumbnail

SMS are still alive: their use has been growing by 35% for three years

According to an investigation by Pwc on behalf of Esendex, an international company that deals with messaging, in 2020 Italian companies would have sent about 5.3 billion SMS. Instant messages therefore still seem a long way from losing their appeal, despite the common understanding that they would be well on their way to retirement. The use of SMS is in fact growing by 35% in the last 3 years.

The use of SMS has grown by 35% over the past three years

According to data shared by Pwc It is mainly telcos that make use of SMS and one of the most active providers in providing SMS services is Telecom, which spends a lot on investments precisely for this type of messaging.

This fascination with SMS is quickly explained: according to a study by the Milan Polytechnic these messages have an open rate of 93.3%.

Precisely for this reason it is not surprising that Esendex’s research reveals that SMS communications aimed at customer support are among the most used in all sectors according to 62% of the companies interviewed. In the sector, SMS perform various service functions, therefore, such as notifications of activation of tariff plans, the sending of notices of various kinds or for cancellations, or even for the management of payments and deadlines.

“The future will be of increasingly personalized mobile services – he explained Carmine Scandale, Head of Sales of Esendex Italia – Consumers are already changing their preferences, orienting their choices of provider also on the basis of ease of use and speed of communications, which often represent a critical issue for companies. Just think of the volume of calls that users receive every day from operators’ call centers: thanks to instant messaging services, companies can reap numerous advantages, such as cost optimization and an increase in the finalization rate, as the ‘user can be reachable wherever he is ”.

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