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Snake Keylogger malware is back on the attack

He returned in May Snake Keyloggeril malware that puts everything we do online at risk. Let’s find out more details about it together.

Snake Keylogger

As reported by CPR, Emotet remained number one among the top cyber threats. However, Snake Keylogger is located ateighth place and was distributed by email campaigns. The main functionality of Snake is to record the keys pressed by users, so as to find the collected data by attackers.

Malware spread usually occurs through emails that include .docx or .xlsx attachments with malicious macros. Instead, in May, researchers reported that SnakeKey Logger is disseminated via file PDF.

Check Point Research is the division of Threat Intelligence from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. More specifically we are talking about the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally.

The statements

“As has been clear from recent Snake Keylogger campaigns, everything we do online can be in the crosshairs of a cyberattack, and opening a simple PDF document is no exception,” he said. Maya Horowitz, VP Research of Check Point Software. “Viruses and malicious executable codes can hide in multimedia content and links. The malware attack, in this case Snake Keylogger, is ready to strike once the user opens the PDF. Therefore, just as you question the legitimacy of a .docx or .xlsx email attachment, you need to use the same caution with PDFs too. In today’s landscape, it has never been more important for organizations to have a robust email security solution that isolates and inspects attachments, preventing malicious files from entering the network in the first place. “

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