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Snakebyte goes ‘Hall-In’ with new range of Xbox licensed gamepads

Snakebyte goes ‘Hall-In’ with new range of Xbox licensed gamepads. They are equipped with innovative Hall effect sensors that guarantee accuracy and durability

Snakebyte, lleader in the field of innovative accessories for video games, today announced the introduction of a new range of Xbox licensed gamepads. All equipped with state-of-the-art Hall effect sensors, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and durability for the most demanding players.

Significantly more accurate and longer lasting than the potentiometers used by most controllers. Snakeybyte’s new range of Xbox licensed gamepads are ideal for competitive gaming and promises to put an end to stick-drift and imprecise movement during gameplay.

Due for release in Q4 2023, the new range includes a Gamepad for everyone, including entry-level and pro models; each representing excellent value for money with innovations not found in competitive controllers.

Snakebyte goes 'Hall-In' with new range of Xbox licensed gamepads

Details on Snakebyte’s new range of Xbox licensed gamepads

The Hall Effect sensor technology featured in the Snakebyte Gamepad Pro X, Base X, and RGB X offers gamers a unique combination of precision, control, and longevity.

The use of Hall effect sensors in Snakebyte’s new range of Xbox licensed gamepads aims to eliminate the common problem of stick drift. This can often prove to be the deciding factor in competitive close quarters combat.

The drift of conventional analog sticks is caused by wear-and-tear potentiometers and mechanical friction. In contrast, Hall effect sensors operate completely non-contact, resulting in better performance, accuracy, and longer life. Hall effect sensors are integrated into both the analog sticks and triggers of the new range of Xbox licensed gamepads.

The new Snakebyte Gamepads are not only technologically advanced, but also aesthetically appealing. Ergonomically designed to meet the needs and tastes of a wide range of gamers. With a variety of colors and designs available on the market, gamers can be sure to find a gamepad that reflects their personal style.

Statements about it

Powered by the innovative power of Hall Effect sensor technology, our new range of Designed for Xbox Snakebyte Gamepads offer a product experience that meets the needs of the most demanding gamers for accuracy and longevity,

commented Marc KuepperCTO of Snakebyte.

In addition to the range of Xbox licensed Gamepads, Snakebyte will be introducing more licensed products for Xbox enthusiasts this year. These will be announced later. Snakebyte offers a five-year warranty on all products, which will be available in over 100 countries.

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