Snapchat Announces Digital Fashion Collaboration with H&M

Snapchat annuncia una collaborazione nel fashion digitale con H&M thumbnail

Snapchat e H&M together in a partnership in the world of fashion digitale. Thanks to the technology behind the Snapchat camera, from 5 December it is possible to try on and wear three items in augmented reality in the H&M app.

Why the collaboration between Snapchat and H&M matters

The AR experiences were made possible by the Institute of Digital Fashion in London. Thanks to these lenses it will be possible to try you live directly in the app of the Swedish fashion brand, ranging between different outfits and sharing their favorite digital looks.

To do this, H&M has adopted the Camera Kit on Snap, to implement AR in your app. Let’s talk about a multiform software development kit which allows companies such as the Swedish H&M to integrate Snapchat technology directly into their web and mobile applications, providing the consumer with an innovative user experience.

Brooke DeWitt, Product Strategy e Marketing Manager di Snap Inc. stated that: “Augmented reality is a powerful tool for promoting creativity and self-expression. The innovative AR garments created by iODF and H&M are an accessible and incredibly immersive way to engage and entertain the H&M community in the digital fashion world.”

Crazy numbers thanks to augmented reality

After all, Snapchatters love to use AR: from January 2021 more than 250 million Snpachat users have used the AR Lenses for shopping, a total of over 5 billion times. Globally Snapchat reaches more than 75% of people between 13 and 34 years old in over 20 countries and counts on over 363 million daily active users.

It emerges that for a famous brand like H&M, taking advantage of the opportunity to insert Snapchat’s AR directly into its services is no small thing. In this way it is possible not only offer an innovative functionality to old customers, but also get to win new ones.

After all, digital fashion is an ever-expanding market and judging by the numbers recorded by Snapchat, it is destined not only to attract new players within it, but also to make millions.

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