Ecco la nuova procedura per cambiare il nome utente su Snapchat thumbnail

Snapchat: here is the new procedure to change the username

Snapchat announces a new feature that allows you to change your username on the platform via the app, for both iOS and Android. It will only be possible to change it once a year.

How to change username on Snapchat

Good news for Snapchatters across the globe. The platform has indeed announced that from 23 February it will be possible to change your username. Editing it will not affect the Snap code, friends list, memories and Snap score. The feature will be active via app for both iOS and Android. A novelty that marks a further change for the social network that has now turned 10 years old. We change, we grow and we decide that a name no longer represents us: so why not being able to change it?

To change your username just follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the Bitmoji icon in the upper right corner of the camera to land on the profile screen
  • Select the settings by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the profile
  • Click on “Username“, Just under Name, and select”Change username”Highlighted in blue
  • To continue, click “keep it going”On the pop up reminding us that usernames can only be changed once a year
  • Enter a new username, press “forward”And log in to Snapchat again to view it
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