Snoop Dogg arriva nel metaverso vendendo i suoi avatar come NFT thumbnail

Snoop Dogg sells his NFT avatars in the metaverse

Who says artists’ merchandising has to be physical only? Snoop Dogg just sold 10,000 avatars created in his image on the metaverse.

Snoop Dogg takes merchandising into the metaverse

What a great invention merchandising is: it makes everyone happy. Artists can have extra income and fans can feel part of a community by purchasing branded items. Not to mention the collectible items, maybe limited edition or autographed. In short, the term fan derives from fanatic, so we all have an idol for which we would do anything. The world of merchandising, however, seems to find its dimension also in the digital age and to prove it is Snoop Dogg. The rapper, just last week from the spectacular Super Bowl half-time, landed on metaverso selling 10,000 avatars created in his image and likeness. All on The Sandbox.

One third of avatars for sale feature a unique designcome i Dope Doggies (created by The Sandbox team with Snoop Dogg) and the Classic Doggies inspired by the artist’s discography. All the others are instead automatically generated, but still represent unique pieces. The ten thousand avatars are divided into categories of different rarity:

  • Humans: 63%
  • Blu: 11%
  • Aliens: 10%
  • Zombie: 7%
  • Dogg: 5%
  • Robot: 3%
  • Golden: 1%

Each avatar costs 150 SAND – currency used on The Sandbox metaverse – that at the time of this writing are equivalent to around € 405. The avatar will then be a real one NFT, and can be used by users on the platform. In addition, the American rapper and producer has made official building his mansion on The Sandbox, which will be open to all users. There presale of avatars, started yesterday and reserved for early pass holders only, will end today. Everyone else can buy from today (February 23) until tomorrow. We remind you that the purchase is random and in a closed box. The buyer therefore does not know which avatar will happen to him, and could receive both the ultra-rare and the common. These NFTs may also be resold at the discretion of the individual user.

Finally, it was announced that some of these avatars will be used for the new Snoop Dogg video clip, which will be shot entirely on The Sandbox.

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