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SO-DIMM CL40 DDR5-4800: new from Sabrent

Sabrent Announces High Performance CL40 DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM Memory Modules

It looked like the DDR4 (here for more info) would dominate forever. Instead, new motherboards and architectures allowed memory to grow with the advent of DDR5. The improved clock speeds promise up to double the bandwidth of DDR4. All with a lower voltage for better efficiency. To further help with the latter bit, DDR5 has built-in power management to reduce the cost and complexity of the motherboard. This is especially useful for brand new and powerful laptops and embedded devices.

Details on CL40 DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM memory modules

Reliability has also been improved by the introduction of error correction technology on-die. Memory availability is improved by splitting the internal channel a 64 bit (72 bits with ECC) in two independent channels a 32 bit (40 bits with ECC). Also, adding the same upgrade as the bench. Combined with other features, including those that allow up to four times the module capacity with consumer DRAM, DDR5 ensures your multi-core CPU isn’t starved for memory. You can pack more memory than ever into your portable machine and take it on the road.

DDR5 is available in both form factors DIMM e SO-DIMM, regardless of whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or other embedded device. We respect the standards JEDEC to ensure compatibility and reliability. These new modules offer a wide range of capabilities at an affordable price to make the upgrade and installation process an easy choice.

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