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Solidigm: P41 Plus QLC NVMe SSD presented

Today the company Solidigm (the now sold SSD division of Intel) presented the SSD P41 Plus QLC NVMe

Solidigm (here for the site) announced Solidigm P41 Plusthe company’s first solid-state storage drive (SSD) since becoming a company in December 2021. The P41 Plus is a product PCIe 4.0 innovative that delivers the industry’s best combination of performance and value to PC users for daily productivity and gaming. Capable of delivering sequential read speeds of up to 4,125MB / s. Solidigm P41 Plus represents a breakthrough in cost efficiency, delivering great PCIe 4.0 performance at a price that doesn’t break the budget for everyday PC users. Solidigm P41 Plus is equipped with NAND 3D a 144 layers and is widely available in an M.2 2280 form factor with capacities of 512GB, 1TB and 2TB. For greater design flexibility, Solidigm P41 Plus is also available to OEMs in sizes 2230 and 2242.

Details of the Solidigm SSD P41 Plus QLC NVMe

In a move that reinforces Solidigm’s commitment to being a new paradigm in solid-state storage, the company has invested heavily in storage software to unlock the best possible user experience. The result is the software Solidigm Synergy. An optional but highly recommended suite that includes both a storage driver and a Windows application with robust drive health monitoring tools. Solidigm Storage Driver supports host-managed caching by monitoring usage patterns to identify high-priority data. Keeping the most important items in cache and allowing faster reads when the drive fills up.

Solidigm: P41 Plus QLC NVMe SSD presented


Below are the first statements regarding the Solidigm SSD P41 Plus QLC NVMe.

Whether it’s playing the latest PC games, running a business or editing family photos, the Solidigm P41 Plus delivers important performance for end users. While offering incredible value,

he has declared Sanjay Talreja, General Manager, Client Products and Solutions Group. Who then added:

Powered by innovative software, Solidigm P41 Plus offers an exceptional combination of price and performance. Plus a software-enhanced user experience, which makes our value proposition unique.

The first product under the Solidigm brand, the P41 Plus underscores the company’s commitment to providing an industry-leading portfolio of storage solutions that includes high-performance SSDs for the client, cloud and data center markets.

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