Some users complain about iOS 16: from Spotilight to battery

iOS 16, arriva la sesta beta thumbnail

It’s been about ten days since Apple He released iOS 16, an operating system appreciated by most but which has created some problems for iPhone users. From excessive battery drain to Spotlight searchhere are the problems that have emerged in recent days.

Problems with iOS 16

In the past few days some users have complained about problems with con iPhone 14 Pro. In particular, the phenomenon of “camera shake“, IMessage and FaceTime activation. Problems born from the fact that, in addition to the new software, it was the first time that Apple used that hardware. Updates just after a smartphone is released are, unfortunately or fortunately, quite normal.

Another rather normal situation concerns battery consumption: new functions often require more power and therefore impact the battery. But less normal is that several users on Reddit, Twitter e forum specialized companies report significant drops. A user on Reddit reports that his iPhone 13 Pro is running low after only 4.5-5 hours of screen on. And many on Twitter are wondering is it normal to have significantly reduced reload themes.

The answer is no: contact Apple Customer Service if the battery drops significantly. Apple recently explained that the tactile keyboard feedback it can decrease the battery, but not too noticeably.

Other problems caused the Spotlight quick search feature, which seems to go too slowly. In fact, some users report that it employs up to 10 seconds to find files or apps on iPhone: too much, this is a bug.

Apple will in all likelihood fix iPhone 14 Pro issues with a update iOS 16.0.2, which should also solve the hassle with too many copy and paste inputs. But it could also include fixes for these problems. iOS 16.1 moreover it is already at the second beta, soon it could arrive to fix these problems too.

However, we recommend that you contact Apple Customer Service if you have serious problems with your device – they will be able to give you more comprehensive answers than Twitter can.