Someone trying to sell Pixel 6a online (and it’s not Google)

Google Pixel 6a: il sensore di impronte sarà diverso rispetto a quello di Pixel 6 e 6 Pro thumbnail

A new prototype of Google smartphone ends up online auctionalthough Google hasn’t started selling it yet: Pixel 6a goes on sale on Facebook Marketplace in Malaysia. THEThe vendor appears to be the same user who unboxed the device on TikTok, announced but not yet on sale.

Google Pixel 6a for sale online, ahead of the official launch

Getting a prototype of a Google device doesn’t seem all that difficult recently. In the Malaysian Facebook Marketplace, a user posted a ad to buy a Pixel 6a, the mid-range version of Google’s smartphone. The presales of which will begin officially on July 21, with the first orders shipped for July 28.

The device comes at the price of 2,200 – 2,300 Malaysian Ringgit, circa 467 euro. A little more than the official price in Europe of the device, which should cost 459 euros. A handful of euros more to get it a month and a half in advance.

At least, the launch date of Pixel 6A is already known. The Pixel 7 has also recently arrived on Facebook Marketplace. Which Google announced during Google I / O 2022, but that has not yet officially presented.

According to local sources, there are other Pixel 6a announcements as well. And it appears that they are not prototypes, but there is a possibility that they are ready-to-market models, taken along Google’s supply chain. They have in fact the whole package, which suggests that instead of on the Facebook Marketplace they should be in some warehouse, waiting for July 28th.

There may therefore be some legal complications when buying a device like this. Most users will do well to wait until the end of July to be able to test the functions of the Tensor chip on the new Pixel 6a.

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