Nissan Juke Hybrid orders opened in Italy

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Nissan has kicked off orders for the JUKE Hybrid, the first electrified version of Nissan’s crossover coupe that gave birth to the B-SUV segment. The first deliveries are expected to start in September 2022.

Nissan JUKE Hybrid is offered in three trim levels: N-Connecta, N-Design e Tekna. The first is the entry version and has a cost of 30,300 euros. It rises to 31,500 for N-Design, while the top of the range is the Tekna for which a disbursement must be made in the budget of 32,860 euros.

However, it should be borne in mind that JUKE Hybrid benefits from government incentives for low-emission cars, i.e. a discount of 2,000 euros on the purchase price in case of scrapping of a vehicle (cat. M1) approved in a class lower than Euro 5.

To this we must also add the other economic advantages it offers. It starts with low consumption, up to the exemption from paying the stamp duty (the number of years varies from region to region). It also has a lower cost for insurance (about 5% to 10% less).

What do you get from Nissan JUKE Hybrid after placing orders

JUKE Hybrid it always starts in 100% electric mode and maintains it up to a speed of 55 km / h, traveling around town up to 80% of the time in EV mode. The Nissan heat engine produces 94 HP and 148 Nm of torque. This is coupled with the electric motor which has 49 HP and 205 Nm of torque. In total you have 143 horsepower.

This engine also consists of a starter / generator, that is a small 15kW electric motor, an inverter and a 1.2kWh liquid-cooled battery. Performance increases by 25% compared to the petrol version, with a reduction in consumption of around 40% in the urban cycle and up to 20% in the combined cycle.

Nissan JUKE Hybrid ordered

Let’s talk about a car that consumes between 5.0 and 5.2 l / 100km with particularly low CO2 emissions, between 114 and 117g / km.

JUKE Hybrid is equipped with the technology as standard Nissan e-Pedal Step. This allows you to accelerate and slow down the car using a single pedal. By taking your foot off the accelerator, moderate braking force (up to 0.15g) is applied, which slows the car down to around 5km / h. The e-Pedal Step, in addition to making city and traffic driving more comfortable, maximizes battery regeneration and further enhances the EV experience.

ProPILOT technology is also available, which assists the driver during acceleration, steering and braking. In addition, JUKE offers a complete package of safety technologies. Includes emergency braking system with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, traffic sign detection, lane keeping system, blind spot warning and intervention system.

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