Sony annuncia la gamma BRAVIA Theatre: soundbar, home theatre e speaker indossabili thumbnail

Sony announces the BRAVIA Theater range: soundbar, home theater and wearable speakers

Sony wants the brand BRAVIA become synonymous with home cinema. For this reason, after announcing the new TVs for 2024, Sony announced the new one gamma audio BRAVIA Theatre. As with TVs, it draws on Sony's experience in the film industry to reproduce the audio imagined by sound engineers and directors in our homes.

Sony BRAVIA Theatre, cinema sound even at home

This range does not revolutionize Sony's audio proposal. Rather, it wants to bring soundbars, home theaters and even wearable speakers into the BRAVIA range for cinema enthusiasts. There are two soundbars (Bar 9 and Bar 8), home theater speakers with a truly minimalist design (Quad) and the “neck speakers” of BRAVIA Theatre U.

Cinema audio technologies

Sony has been working on various initiatives to provide the same immersive audio as cinemas in the home environment. For example, technology 360 Spatial Sound Mapping Sony's proprietary device generates ghost speakers in locations where there are no physical speakers. This allows you to create a 360° spatial sound experience optimized for the room, without having to install speakers on the ceiling or walls. The models BRAVIA Theatre Bar 9 e Bar 8 allow you to enjoy 360° spatial sound mapping using a single soundbar, while BRAVIA Theater Quad Realize wider surround sound with 4 slim speakers.

SOny Bravia Theatre lineup 2024SOny Bravia Theatre lineup 2024

BRAVIA Theater products are compatible withsound field optimization, which automatically adjusts each speaker based on the layout of the room. This allows you to find the optimal position of the system. The function Acoustic Center Sync integrate the soundbar with your TV so the sound exactly matches the action on the screen.

When combined with compatible BRAVIA TVs, BRAVIA Theater products also offer the feature Voice Zoom 3, which recognizes human speech through an AI algorithm and amplifies or reduces its volume for greater clarity. Settings can be managed via the new app BRAVIA Connect without displaying menus on the screen while watching.

Sony Bravia Theatre Quad 4Sony Bravia Theatre Quad 4

BRAVIA Theater Bar 9, Bar 8 and Quad not only support industry-standard audio technologies such as Dolby Atmos e DTS:Xbut they also have certification IMAX Enhanced. Truly cinematic sound.

Optional speakers (or wearable)

If you want something more, especially in terms of bass, there is no shortage of options. You can buy a subwoofer wireless o rear speakers, for powerful, deep bass and enhanced surround sound. You can choose between subwoofers SA-SW5 o SA-SW3, easy to position thanks to wireless connectivity and easy to pair with other Sony products. Or you can focus on the rear speakers SA-RS5equipped with a built-in battery and an upward-facing speaker.

Sony Bravia theatre uSony Bravia theatre u

If you prefer to have an “audio bubble” all to yourself, you can use the new neckband speaker BRAVIA Theatre U. The Japanese company ensures that it offers immersive and personal sound, without disturbing the surrounding environment. You can also connect it to other devices besides your TV, for a surround system around your head.

BRAVIA Theater and the new Sony BRAVIA TVs, designed for cinema lovers

Changing the name of its product range has allowed Sony to unite under one name all the products for those who love cinema — and want to bring the experience of the room even at home. But this name change also brings with it a promise of quality — even on a construction level. This is why we are happy that Sony uses it exclusive recycled plastic and fabric recycled from PET bottles in BRAVIA Theater products. This allows you to achieve exceptional acoustic performance while reducing environmental impact.

Sony Bravia Theater 2024 recycled plasticSony Bravia Theater 2024 recycled plastic

We are curious to test these new audio products together with the new TVs, and we will keep you updated on the releases of the products in Italy (and their price). You can find more information on Sony's dedicated website.

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