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Sony announces Z9K, the new 8K Mini LED TVs

Sony announced the new line of TV Z9Kscreens Mini LED 8K that can give you the pleasure of cinema. And gaming, thanks to the exclusive features for PlayStation 5 of televisions Bravia XR. In format 75 and 85 inchesare also about to arrive in Italy.

Sony Z9K, the new 8K Mini LED TVs truly exceptional

The Japanese company launches new TVs that make the most of the Cognitive Processor XRcapable of improving the quality of images with theupscaling XR 8K. This way you can enjoy movies and TV series on another level of quality. Also thanks to technology XR Backlight Master Drivewhich controls the backlighting of the panels.

The audio quality is also excellent thanks to theAcoustic Multi-Audio to match the position of the sound with the images on the screen. For streaming lovers, there is also the Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode which adjusts films and series based on ambient light. While gamers will be able to use Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode for absolute quality gameplay with PlayStation 5.

sony z9k mini led bravia xr min

Also, this year comes the Bravia Camwhich recognizes the exact point where you are to adjust the picture and sound accordingly.

Sony’s new TVs also take advantage of Google TV, which allows you to easily manage your various streaming subscriptions and content, making sure to easily add them to your watchlist. You can also take advantage of the features for mirroring and voice search.

All of this adds up to a product from the refined designfrom the technology innovative and from the big one audio and video quality. Which you can find at this address on the Sony official website and which will soon arrive in Italy.

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