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Sony at the NAB Show 2023: the products and solutions present in Las Vegas

Il NAB Show 2023 will be held from 16 to 19 April at Las Vegas Convention Center. At booth C8101, Sony Electronics presents products, solutions and workflows that are beneficial at any level for broadcast, live events, news production and film content creators. Focusing on the trending topics in the areas of imaging, cloud, networking and Virtual Production, Sony will showcase its end-to-end global system. Not only that, it will carry out demonstrations and offer the possibility to try out the latest technologies.

Sony NAB Show 2023: Networked Live – Remote and Distributed Production

Networked Live, Sony’s expansive ecosystem of solutions, products, services and partners brings together local and cloud computing and operations with network connectivity to transform live production. Key features include “Network and Resource Orchestration”, “Hybrid Processing and Operations” and “Media Processing and Transport”.

Network orchestration and resources

  • HDC-5500V/HDC-3500V: 4K 2/3″ 3CMOS global shutter system camera with variable Neutral Density (ND) filter (NEW)

The telecamere HDC-5500V e HDC-3500V are equipped with a native variable ND filter. Also a slide mechanism that allows it to be used with Sony’s new viewfinders (HDVF-EL760/EL740). When used with the HDCU-5000 camera control unit, the new HDC-5500V and HDC-3500V can be upgraded to support High Frame Rate (HFR) up to 4x 4K and 8x HD.

  • CNA-2: Network adapter for camera control (NEW)

Scalable CNA-2, available this fall, can be used in-house to expand Sony system cameras. But also to enable remote and distributed live production as well as camera monitoring and configuration. Thanks to the secure Web API, users can take advantage of the camera’s formatting and painting settings.

Hybrid processing and operations

  • Sony will show a software-based live production platform recently developed. It can be deployed in various environments including virtual private cloud, data center and COTS servers. It can be combined with local solutions such as the MLS-X1 stackable switcher and third-party live production systems. All to allow hybrid and flexible production.
  • MLS-X1: Scalable Live Production Platform (NEW AT NAB SHOW)

The agile, modular live production processor/switcher enables integrated control from a single user interface. It supports real-time processing of 4K (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, with ultra-low latency. NEP Australia selected this new system to deploy more than 20 MLS-X1 modules to support their 4K operations.


Media processing and transport

  • NXL-ME80: Media Transport Application (NEW)

The NXL-ME80 delivers high quality video transport over low bandwidth networks, with ultra-low latency processing time.

  • HZCE-JX50H / HZCE-JX50F: Software for Sony’s HDCE-TX30 and HDCE-TX50 IP Camera Extension Adapters

The latest software offers multiple compressed streams of HD (HZCE-JX50H) or 4K (HZCE-JX50F) JPEG XS, compatible with SMPTE ST2110-22 standard.

VideoIPath updates – The company’s media orchestration platform supports federation of assets, providing collaboration between multiple autonomous instances of the platform. It also integrates with AWS Media Services for local-to-cloud connectivity and supports AWS MediaConnect and MediaLive services.

Virtuoso RE (NEW) – An expansion of the Virtuoso family of Nevion. The latest software-defined media node is smaller and lighter, making it ideal for narrower racks and rack-mount flight cases. It can securely perform a variety of transport, processing and real-time monitoring functions in the converged IP LAN/WAN network.

In addition, Sony will work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) through its Virtual Live Remote Production (vLRP) acceleration partner initiative. He will lead, together with other partners, the construction of live production workflows on the cloud.

Sony NAB Show 2023: Creators’ Cloud – Next Generation Cloud Production

With easy deployment of cloud-based solutions, services and integrations, Sony’s outstanding technologies support widespread accessibility. Paired with security and scalability that are purpose-built to meet customers’ biggest challenges.

Creators’ Cloud by Sony is a cloud-based platform that offers companies in the Media and Entertainment sector. But also to individual creators and small teams secure access to efficient services and apps to maximize their production workflows. It includes the following elements.

For companies

  • C3 Portal is a Cloud Gateway service that enables the seamless delivery of content from the field to the cloud. This reduces physical limitations while accelerating deployment and change workflows. Camera clips with custom metadata tags can be automatically sent from cameras to the production system or non-linear editor (NLE), resulting in simplified searching, identification and editing. New integration with Marquis and Avid automates this process, eliminating the need for user interaction. This innovative workflow is currently implemented and refined by Sinclair. In addition, Teradek support is now available to enable the fast and secure delivery of content from the field to any virtual location.
  • Ci Media Cloud is a media management and collaboration platform that allows teams to access and collaborate on files in progress and finished media from virtually anywhere. Recent Ci updates include feature enhancements, updated workflows, new pricing plans, integrations with Atomos CONNECT products via Atomos Cloud Studio (ACS) and Pomfort’s Silverstack Lab post-production software, as well as a partnership with Deloitte.
  • M2 Live makes multi-camera live production fast and efficient by providing scalable cloud-based tools that enable the creation of engaging live event streaming, social, and web content.
  • A2 Production is an AI-powered workflow automation process that offers data analytics, captioning, clip creation, and content enrichment.
  • NavigatorX manages and orchestrates assets, data, workflows and devices.
  • Cloud Master Control Content Browser by Crispin enables preparation and review of playback content from the cloud, supporting hybrid cloud/local reference control, performed by Crispin’s Core web-based user interface.

For individuals

  • Creators’ App offers access to content and functionality for uploading from a mobile device and remote control of select Sony cameras.
  • Free storage (5GB) for Creators’ Cloud account holders and 25GB for select camera owners.
  • Discover it’s a place for creators to connect and share their content.
  • Ci Media Cloud it’s also open to individual creators and small teams, and can be accessed via Sony accounts.

Sony NAB Show 2023: Imaging innovations

The imaging expertise that is in the Sony DNA will be showcased at NAB Show with options for telecamere da studio ed ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and solutions and cinematic drones for each step of a creator’s work. Sony’s diverse offering supports High Frame Rate, IP, HDR and narrow depth of field and offers a sustainable path of continued growth to help creators at any level reach a new level of storytelling.

  • BVM-HX3110: 30.5 inch IP Interface 4K HDR monitor (NEW)

Il BVM-HX3110 reference monitor high luminance monitor features a wide viewing angle and color gamut for accurate color reproduction and consistent color matching with Sony’s BVM-HX310, PVM-X series and LMD-A line-up of monitors. With support for ST2110 IP, the BVM-HX3110 complements Sony’s Networked Live ecosystem. The optional toolset includes fast pixel response modes for reduced motion blur, and support for JPEG-XS and SNMP. The monitor will be available in November 2023.

  • FR7: PTZ Camera with Interchangeable Lens and Full-Frame Sensor (NEW AT NAB SHOW)

FR7 combines cinematic expression, remote control, powerful connectivity and multi-camera workflow, thereby delivering the best image quality in a versatile PTZ for studio, live production and filmmaking settings. There firmware version 1.1, scheduled for May 2023 or later, will support the S700 protocol and internal playback and recording over PoE++. Version 2.0, expected in September or later, will support FreeD protocol to streamline AR/VR production, external zoom adjustment and PTZ tracking functionality.

  • Extension system 2 for VENICE

The VENICE Extension System 2 offers support for the VENICE 2 8K sensor, as well as increased mobility and compatibility with a 3 or 12 meter cable, without the need for a repeater. Features a tilt/rotation sensor in the imaging block to support VFX and Virtual Production.

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