Sony brings cinema into your home (and onto your shoulders)

Sony porta il cinema in casa vostra (e sulle vostre spalle) thumbnail

In an event dedicated to cinema lovers, Sony presented its new line of Home Theatre and speaker to enjoy the contents on your TV to the fullest. If the crystal clear and immersive images of Sony TVs are essential for enjoying movies and series, the right sound can also create the cinematic atmosphere in your living room.

Sony’s home cinema: home theater and speaker to enjoy movies and series

Sony has decided to put all its experience in the world of audio for complete its smart TV offer. Because the image quality alone is not enough to transform your home into a cinema: you also need the audio system to let you enter the movie you are watching, without moving from the sofa.

The company then presented the complete range for the‘Home Theatre con Dolby Atmos, among which there is also a wearable speaker to give you an experience that not even in the cinema you can try. A unique experience, which you can control with theAcoustic Center Sync of your televisions Bravia thanks to the supplied cable. In this way you will be able to adjust the sound according to the transmitted images: the voices of the actors will come right from the point on the screen where their mouth is. And the same goes for gunshots in a western or laughter in a cartoon.

Pairing Sony soundbars and home theater systems with Bravia TVs allows you to control everything directly from the menu Bravia Quick, to combine convenience with cinematic quality.

HT-A9, Sony’s complete (and stylish) home theater system

Bringing the quality of majestic cinema sound systems into stylish living room devices isn’t easy. But the HT-A9 surround system seems to do it with ease. Compatible with formats Dolby Atmos® e DTS:X®, it does not require large calculations to be placed. Thanks to two integrated microphones and technology Sound Field Optimization, calculate height and position, generating 12 virtual speakers placed in the room to offer the immersive 360 Spatial Sound.

The four physical speakers triple thanks to the tuning of the sound waves to create a truly incredible acoustic panorama. The cinema experience, with solo four elegant but powerful speakers. The connection between the four speakers and the central unit is wireless, so you don’t have to pull any wires around the room. You can also pair it with an optional subwoofer to feel the bass kick in your stomach. A unique experience.

HT-A9 Ambient sony home theatre-min

The HT-A7000 soundbar has 7.1.2 channels

Soundbar technology has grown so much that it can meet the needs of most movie lovers. HTA7000 he has two speakers aimed at the ceiling, two tweeters so i five speakers to extend the range of the surround, to which is added a dual subwoofer built-in to make the bass sound. A complete system that fits comfortably under your TV.

The technology business Vertical Surround Engine place the sound vertically, distributing the sound throughout the room without the need to install the speakers on the ceiling. The next time a helicopter glides over the protagonists in an action movie, you will feel it coming over you. The system S-Force PRO Front Surround gives great spatiality, making the sounds arrive from both sides. And let’s not forget Dolby Atmos® e DTS:X®.

HT-A7000 (Press)-min

You can also expand the offering with optional subwoofers and rear speakers.

Experience the Sony Home Theater with the HT-A5000 Soundbar

The new HT-A5000 offers the same technologies as the HT-A7000 in one version 5.1.2. Also in this case you can therefore natively reproduce the formats Dolby Atmos® e DTS:X®. The front speakers position the sound vertically thanks to Vertical Surround Engine. And to extend the sound field horizontally there is S-Force Pro Front Surround, which also takes advantage of units X-Balanced Speaker anterior. With digital sound field processing technology you can have a truly exceptional experience.

The Sound Field Optimization, thanks to the integrated microphones, allows you to automatically analyze the environment in which you are watching movies and TV series, and then configure and optimize the sound for the best effect. Again, you can add optional subwoofers and rear speakers.

Wearable cinema: here is the new SRS-NS7

Finally, Sony wanted to combine its Home Theater experience, which reproduces the cinema experience, with a personalized experience just for you. Indeed the new SRSNS7, which you can wirelessly pair with the supplied transmitter to connect to your TV and receive with TV Bravia XR, immerses you completely in the world of cinema.

Sony wireless speaker wearable around the neckPhoto credits: Sony

The wearable Home Theater places virtual speakers Dolby Atmos thanks to technology 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer. After taking a picture of your ear cup, the SRS-NS7 analyzes the perfect audio profile to let you hear the sounds at their best. A tailor-made experience designed for you. Like having a whole cinema designed for you.

With all these devices for home theater and Sony TVs, you really have a cinema room designed for you. You can find more information on the Sony website.