Sony: day one exclusives on PC? It’s possible

Sony: esclusive al day one su PC? E' possibile thumbnail

As we all know, the release of God of War on PC it had a tremendous success, to the point that according to some insiders Sony he might consider launching his own exclusive also on this platform al day one. The analyst Benji Sales, who went into the matter by making some distinctions, exposed himself on the issue: let’s take a look in detail at his forecasts.

Sony and exclusives: PC version on day one?

According to what was explained by Benji Sales on his profile Twitter, Sony will hardly opt for a contemporary launch of its exclusive story driven on PC, however it could opt to reduce the time window within which the ports will be developed. Specifically, according to the analyst, this could be reduced to a total year, thus aligning itself with the standards of competitors.

Benji Sales, however, specified that this only applies to single player titles, given that multiplayer ones could suffer a different fate. In fact, for this type of video game it would be very important to establish a solid base of players right away, which is why Sony could opt for a contemporary release on PlayStation e PC; a rather realistic stance.

The success of PlayStation exclusives on PC is undeniable in any case, with titles like God of War e Horizon Zero Dawn which hit the ground running at their launch, giving more than positive results to the Japanese technology giant. Sony’s next PC event will come with the release of the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection, but the real indicator of the company’s intentions will be another.

We are referring to the Factions mode of The Last of Us Part II, which also mentions Benji, which could arrive on PC at its launch, if what the insider predicted turns out to be true.

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