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Sony has officially bought Bungie

After the January announcement, the official acquisition arrives: Sony bought outright Bungieexpanding the family of PlayStation Studios. The acquisition allows for the inclusion of important IPs such as Destiny in the Studios.

Official: Sony buys Bungie

Sony announced with a tweet the official status of the transaction, which puts the creators of Halo under the aegis of the PlayStation company (even if the rights of the space shooter remain with Microsoft). A change of ownership that seems to have a symbolic value as well, but that for Sony has huge business potential.

Jim Ryan has in fact announced that for PlayStation there will be at least ten live services online by 2026, to follow this gaming trend that Sony cannot underestimate. Destiny 2 it currently has a large user base, although we could probably see new titles or a franchise renewal soon.

We remind you that the purchase of Bungie is worth 3.6 billion ddollars, a significant investment for the Japanese firm to secure the Chicago firm. Even if he’s not spending as much Microsoftwhich after buying Zenimax nel 2020 for more than double it broke all records in the gaming industry with the purchase of Activision (although we still await the approval of the FTC, perhaps next month).

But beyond the investment, the chance to work for one of the companies that started the transformation of games into services, with seasons and subscriptions, has a strategic value for Sony. Which is increasingly investing for enhance and vary the PlayStation Studio offerings.

Now it remains to be seen how they will use these new intellectual properties. We will keep you posted.

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