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Sony introduces LinkBuds, the true wireless ring headphones

Sony wants to revolutionize the world of cuffie true wireless with LinkBuds, the new earphones with a ring design. A choice that ensures wearability and great sound quality. But also the possibility of listening to the outside world hassle-free: the best headphones for everyday use.

Sony LinkBuds, the new true wireless ring headphones

A unique design. The central part of the newly designed ring driver unit leaves the diaphragm area uncovered. This allows you to clearly perceive external sounds, with great sound transparency. This is not all improves safety, for example, allowing you to hear traffic while running. It can also allow you to listen to your friends while listening to your favorite playlist.

Furthermore, the LinkBuds are ergonomic and very compact. They weigh only four grams and Sony engineers have found many ways to save space without compromising qualityto. For example, the protective surface covering the diaphragm area is integrated into the frame.

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To improve telephone conversations, Sony has developed the technology Precise Voice Pickup, which uses artificial intelligence to reduce noise and bring out the voice. He has studied 500 million voice samples to offer the best possible result.

L’Integrated Processor V1 Sony reproduces every musical detail without the slightest distortion. And the 12mm ring driver delivers rich, well-balanced sounds that you wouldn’t expect from such small headphones. In addition, the adaptive volume control allows you to increase and decrease the volume according to the context. If you are in traffic, the songs will be a little louder, then lower when you cross the park.

There are also many interesting features, such as SpeaktoChat, which pauses the music when you start having a conversation with someone. And then you have the controlli hands-free: just say “Ok, Google” and “Alexa” to call someone on the phone, set a reminder and much more. Also there is the Fast Pair on Android e Swift Pair for Windows 10 and 11, there’s even advanced navigation with Microsoft Soundscape. And there is no lack of 360-degree sound, to feel like in a great concert.

Find more information here, the recommended retail price is 180 euro.

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