Sony launches new Bravia TV range for 2023

Sony lancia la nuova gamma di TV Bravia per il 2023 thumbnail

Sony launches its new range of Bravia TVs for 2023, with five new models on pre-order. THE Sony’s Bravia XR 2023 TVs are available for pre-order now in some European countries, including Italy. This is a range of very high quality televisions with interesting functions, designed to offer a high-level audiovisual experience to those who love cinema, sport and video games. The three top models are: X95L Mini LED, X90L Full Array LED e A80L OLED. They complete the range X85L Full Array LED e X75WL LED.

Sony launches the 2023 Bravia XR TV range

X95L Mini LED is the most advanced model of the series, equipped with a Mini LED panel which ensures exceptional brightness and high contrast. Like the rest of the range, it uses the XR Clear Image Cognitive Processor. Which analyzes each scene and optimizes noise reduction and motion sharpness, for smooth and lifelike images. The system Acoustic Multi-Audio+TM causes the audio to come from exactly where the sound source is on the screen, creating a natural surround effect.

X90L Full Array LED It is an LED backlit model that offers superior image quality with zone-based brightness control. The XR Clear Image cognitive processor also takes care of improving the rendering of the images, while the system Acoustic Center Sync allows you to synchronize your TV sound system with the center channel of a compatible Sony soundbar, for a more enveloping sound: a feature that has across the board.

sony a80l tv bravia 2023 min

A80L OLED it is the model with OLED panel that offers deep blacks and vivid colors. In this model, in addition to advanced processors and image quality, we find the system Acoustic Surface Audio+TM. Which makes the screen vibrate to emit sounds from everywhere on the screen, creating perfect harmony between audio and video.

Streaming e gaming

All models (including X85L Full Array LED e X75WL LED) are equipped with Built-in Google TV, which allows you to access thousands of streaming content from different platforms. But from Sony, the home of PlayStation, functions dedicated to gamers, such as the Game Mode low latency and al support 4K a 120 Hz. The Bravia XR 2023 TVs are extremely interesting televisions, in fact they have advanced features and an image and audio quality that we can’t wait to test.

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