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Sony: new gaming headsets for PlayStation 5 are coming soon

Sony PlayStation 5 auricolari wireless

According to some rumors, new headsets for PlayStation 5 may be in development by Sony

Based on some anonymous rumors, the new headphones, more precisely of the wireless earphonesare in development at Sonythey even have an internal name and will be an accessory for PlayStation 5. Bizarre choice to develop in-ear headphones rather than ordinary headphones, this will obviously have repercussions in variations not only in aesthetics but also in performance.

Sony: the name of the new headsets for PlayStation 5

It really shouldn’t surprise much the choice of Sony to bet on some auricolari wireless da gamingconsidering their comfort and their almost forced use when combined with a VRmaybe the newly released one for PlayStation 5 which we talked about in this article. Taking an Insider Gaming report for good, Sony would seem to be in full development of this wireless gaming accessory for PlayStation 5 by the code name “Project Nomad”.

From the anonymous sourcesthis in fact suggests taking these statements as mere rumors, they suggest not only the development of these earphones but also their battery lifewhich could run up to around five hours, and could come with a plugged-in charging case USB-C.

Sony: new gaming headsets for PlayStation 5 are coming soon

All this could be quite true, considering that these phantom earphones would be a perfect match when combined with the new soon-to-be-released headset for PlayStation 5however a probable release date is also indicated which is estimated around April/March 2024, not exactly the day after tomorrow. Further news will be revealed in the coming days, or months.

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