Sony pays tribute to the directors of photography

Sony rende omaggio alle direttrici della fotografia thumbnail

On the occasion of the International women’s day, Sony wants to highlight the directors of photography, exploring their role in the world of cinema. And he will do so by talking to some of the most talented professionals you can meet on a set. The webinar is scheduled for today at 1pm.

Sony pays tribute to the directors of photography with a webinar

For the8 march, Sony wants to pay tribute to women in a sector in which the company is the absolute protagonist. You can make films without a script, without actors, without directors, without sound. But cinema is not cinema without the work of the Photography department.

The directors of photography and the operators have a fundamental role in today’s cinema. And Sony wants to discuss this with the directors of photography Christine A. Maier, BVK, Cinematographinnen e Maura Morales BergmannACC, IMAGO, and of the camerawoman Kat SpencerAssociate ACO.

In addition to being able to hear their perspective on the world of cinema today, you can also ask questions by interacting directly with them.

Belen Arronte, Head of Media Solutions Marketing and Communications at Sony Europe, commented: “Diversity and gender equality are rightly a key component of the sustainable strategy of the company as a whole. Our authentic contribution to the past, present and future of the film industry, through tools and training, naturally makes us excited to highlight talent in all its forms ”.

You can follow the appointment with these directors of photography and camerawoman at 13 today March 8 live. But you can also see it again later. All at this link.