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Nacon House Milan, where technology and sociality come together

Milanowith its vibrant energy and constant innovative spirit, has seen emergence during the Design Week this year a new place dedicated to entertainment: the Nacon House. Located in Via Villoresi 16in the beating heart of the city, this extraordinary structure opens its doors to the world, giving visitors amemorable experience.

Presentation of Nacon House Milan Presentation of Nacon House Milan Presentation of Nacon House Milan

What is Nacon House? What is it about?

The Nacon House is not just a loft all’avanguardia; it is rather a revolutionary experience, aoasis of socialization and fun custom designed to reflect the spirit of Generation Z. A place where the latest generation technology blends harmoniously with the comfort and the socialitycreating an irresistible mix.

Immersed in an enveloping and engaging atmosphere, I had the opportunity to explore every corner of this innovative house. But it was there Gaming Room steals the showbecoming the favorite destination for video game enthusiasts. Here, every detail has been taken care of to offer aunprecedented immersive gaming experience.

Nacon House living roomNacon House living room

The true queen of the house: the gaming room

Visitors can experience the thrill of video games through cutting-edge accessories and the latest news from Nacon. Headphones RIG 600 Pro they speaker Party Tube they delivered a crystal-clear audio experience, while i 27 inch curved gaming monitor they guaranteed unparalleled visual immersion. The controllers Revolution 5 Pro ufficiali PlayStationwith latest generation mice, keyboards and mats, offered precise control and optimal performance. And for the streaming enthusiasts, high quality microphones and full HD webcam they made it possible to share every moment in such a way clear and defined.

Gaming station inside the Nacon House MilanGaming station inside the Nacon House Milan

All the comforts offered

The Nacon House, located in Milano, offers all the comforts of a real home. A'large kitchen welcomes guests, inviting them to cook together and share convivial moments around a spacious tableideal for accommodating up to 10 people. The dedicated lounge is the perfect place for immerse yourself in the latest gaming titlesthanks to a huge Panasonic TV and a comfortable sofa which invites to relaxation and fun. For those interested in world of makeupthe sponsors and Nacon have thought of everything, creating a specially dedicated roomcomplete with a large mirrorperfect to satisfy every need techgameworld.com.

Room entirely dedicated to makeup Room entirely dedicated to makeup

How can I access Nacon House?

The Nacon House it is the result of one bold collaboration between different partnerseach of whom contributed a unique and functional touch. After the successful preview during the Design Weekthe house will be open to the public on April 19thfrom 10am to 7pm. Subsequently, starting from first week of May 2024will be accessible by reservation through a dedicated landing page. Visitors will have the opportunity to book unforgettable evenings at a cost of 100 euros per evening for a maximum of 10 people.

The Nacon House represents a new one frontier in entertainment and socializationa place where technology joins creativity to create unforgettable experiences. It is a reflection of dynamism and vivacity of Generation Zready to challenge boundaries and embrace the future with enthusiasm and innovation.

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