Sony presents LinkBuds S, the new frontier of true wireless

Sony presenta LinkBuds S, la nuova frontiera del true wireless thumbnail

Sony announces a new pair of true wireless earbuds: LinkBuds Sthe smallest Hi-Res noise canceling earphones in the world. They weigh only 4.8 grams and promise to combine comfort with great audio quality.

Sony introduces LinkBuds S, quality true wireless earphones

By combining sensors and spatial audio technology, Sony wants to guarantee sound quality for every possible application with the new headphones LinkBuds S. In fact, they are designed not only to listen to your favorite playlists or a podcast, but also for augmented reality games such as Ingress.

Sony has indeed initiated a ccollaboration with Niantic to develop an augmented reality game to be experienced not only with the eyes but also with the ears. In fact, playing Ingress you will be able to appreciate the sound immersive of the earphoneswhich varies according to the direction you are facing while playing.

They have an ergonomic design to fit in your ear and ensure maximum fit. They also weigh only 4.8 grams: sare the lightest with Hi-Res sound and noise cancellation. But they are also smart thanks to features such as Adaptive Sound Control, which allows you to filter its exteriors based on the listening environment.

Sony also worked on the mesh lining of the microphonesdeveloped with technology Precise Voice Pickup. In this way, during calls with friends and colleagues, they will be able to hear your voice in detail, in a crystal clear way.

The new 5mm e l’Integrated Processor V1 allow you to cancel noise and play music at its best. Even in high resolution with the codec LDAC, developed by Sony. All music will be converted back to high quality sound via DSEE Extreme, automatically upgrading the quality.

Then there are many smart features like it Speak-to-Chat, which automatically stops the music when you are talking to someone. You can then use theGoogle Assistant or Alexa to call, search for information and much more.

Battery lasts 6 hours, with 14 hours in the case. And then five minutes of charging are enough for an hour of listening.

They come in white, black and cappuccino versions starting from end of May 2022. Find more information here.