Pokémon UNITE manga announced

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Officially announced today by The Pokémon Company, the new manga dedicated to Pokemon UNIT will lead readers to discover new secrets on the island of Heos. In addition, the first two chapters are already available on the official website of the game, with the following ones to be released soon.

Synopsis of the first two chapters of the Pokémon UNITE manga

As announced, the first two chapters take place on the island of Heos, permeated with energy and obviously populated by numerous Pokémon. It will be there that the events will take place, between training and struggles, to discover the creatures that inhabit the island. Below is the synopsis of the first two chapters.

CHAPTER 1 – AEOS ENERGY: The first meeting with Phos, the teacher of Heos, who will reveal her youthful adventures alongside the original Pokémon of the island and how they inspired her and Erbie to create the competition of the United Struggles.

CHAPTER 2 – ZIRCO’S HOLOWEAR: an episode to discover the Holowear with Zirco, the one who mixes clashes and fashion to make the United Struggles even more exciting.

We remind you that both Aeos Energy and Zirco’s Holowear are available on the official website of the game.

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In the meantime, just yesterday, we reported that Espeon has finally arrived on Pokémon UNITE, with its devastating set of moves.

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