Sony: the new BRAVIA TVs getting bigger and bigger

Sony has announced the availability window of some of the latest BRAVIA large screen TVs, including the flagship OLED 4K HDR A90J 4K TV from the 83 ″ MASTER BRAVIA XR series

Sony has announced the launch of the distribution of several large models of its TVs launched on the market in May 2021. This is a tremendous opportunity for customers looking to upgrade their home entertainment system to a more engaging experience focused on a large screen. You can choose from a wide variety of entry-level and high-end models, featuring some of Sony’s most advanced proprietary audio and video technologies. Two of the models that can be purchased (TV BRAVIA XR OLED 4K HDR A90J 83 ″ MASTER series e TV BRAVIA XR LED 4K HDR Full Array X90J 75 ″) are part of the BRAVIA XR range and boast the innovative Cognitive Processor XR, a processor that uses a more effective processing method than conventional AI to replicate the listening and viewing modes of the human brain.

Sony: the new BRAVIA TVs getting bigger and bigger

Sony TV BRAVIA: Big screens for a great viewing experience

For some years now, when buying new TV systems, consumers are increasingly opting for large screens. Research conducted in 2019 and commissioned by Sony showed that almost half of the respondents aimed to have a larger TV than the one in use and it is clear that many have decided to satisfy their desire. Sony has seen a steady increase in sales of TV models with screens equal to or greater than 55 ″, with a significant increased interest in screens larger than 75 “ in 2020. This trend is attributable to the greater amount of time spent indoors due to the pandemic and the desire to renew their technological systems to improve the playback quality of the content available through the most popular TV channels and streaming services.

Sony’s new large screen TVs available for sale are the models LED 4K HDR X85J da 75″ and 85 ″ and the models BRAVIA XR LED Full Array X90J da 75″ e OLED 4K HDR A90J 83 ″ MASTER series. The latter two are equipped with the brand new Cognitive Processor XR. When we observe something, we unconsciously focus on certain points. The cognitive intelligence of Cognitive Processor XR divides the screen into several areas and identifies the position of the “focal point” in the image. While conventional artificial intelligence (AI) can detect and examine color, contrast, detail and all other image components only separately, the new Cognitive Processor XR performs a simultaneous cross-analysis, just like our brains do. This process causes all elements to be adjusted jointly with each other, with a much better end result, in which every factor is synchronized and the scene appears realistic, at levels unattainable for conventional AI.

Sony: the new BRAVIA TVs getting bigger and bigger

Cognitive Processor XR is also able to analyze the position of the sound in the signal, in order to precisely coordinate the audio and images on the screen. The system also optimizes every sound input in 3D surround quality to generate un’acustica immersive out of the most accurate. The technology learns, analyzes and interprets unprecedented amounts of data and optimizes every pixel, every frame and every sound with an intelligent algorithm, creating the most realistic effect ever achieved by Sony.

BRAVIA XR OLED 4K HDR A90J MASTER series and BRAVIA XR LED 4K HDR X90J TVs offer the exclusive BRAVIA CORE service preloaded on all new XR series models, offering both a selection of the latest premium and classic SPE titles, is the largest IMAX Enhanced collection. For the first time in the industry, BRAVIA CORE boasts the Pure Stream technology, which allows you to obtain a quality almost equivalent to theUHD BD lossless with streaming fino a 80 Mbps. The X85J, X90J and A90J TVs are ideal for gaming. Connected to a next-generation console, they take advantage of HDMI 2.1 capabilities (for example, 4K 120fps display, VRR and ALLM) to ensure immediate response to commands.

Sony: the new BRAVIA TVs getting bigger and bigger

Main features

  • The Cognitive Processor XR understands the way of human listening and viewing and generates a revolutionary experience, which allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in their favorite content
  • The advanced technology XR Motion Clarity cross-analyzes your data to ensure smooth, bright, and sharp action without blur
  • Technology X-Wide Angle generates lifelike, vivid colors from any angle, while preserving brightness better
  • Technology Acoustic Multi-Audio creates cinematic surround sound and fine-tunes sound placement, ensuring perfect harmony between audio and video
  • BRAVIA CORE 3: In partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), BRAVIA CORE is where entertainment meets technology and has been developed to add value and deliver an exclusive Sony experience. Being available now on all new BRAVIA XR models, users will be able to access a selection of the latest premium and classic SPE4 titles and the broader IMAX Enhanced collection.
  • BRAVIA CORE is the first platform in the industry to offer the tecnologia Pure Stream, which allows you to enjoy an almost “lossless” quality equivalent to that of UHD Blu-Ray with streaming up to 80 Mbps.
  • Quick access to a wide range of content and services with Google TV
  • Instant connectivity to most devices, including Apple AirPlay 2 e HomeKit
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Voice control of the TV interfaces with the Google Assistant for a smarter viewing experience
  • X-Anti Reflection minimizes reflections for a distraction-free viewing experience
  • Function compatibility HDMI 2.1, inclusi 120 fps 4K, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) e eARC
  • Support Dolby Vision e Dolby Atmos, immersive audio will transform entertainment with ultra vivid picture quality and incredible sound on the go
  • Ambient Optimization optimizes sound and image quality in any environment
  • The minimal and elegant design One Slate encloses the screen in a single glass panel, naturally elegant and suitable for focusing the attention of viewers by eliminating any distracting element
  • The triple configuration pedestal allows you to select between three possible positions: one more central for a smaller footprint, one designed to enhance the device, eliminating any distraction, and one raised, which allows the integration of a soundbar system under the TV
  • The mode Netflix Calibrated Mode guarantees studio quality for Netflix content, while the IMAX Enhanced mode offers remastered IMAX visuals and immersive audio from DTS
  • Calman Ready offers advanced calibration capabilities and the ability to fine tune settings to levels simply impossible with conventional parameters

Sony: the new BRAVIA TVs getting bigger and bigger Sony: the new BRAVIA TVs getting bigger and bigger


The 75 “and 85” 4K HDR X85J LED models, 75 “BRAVIA XR LED Full Array X90J and 83” MASTER BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR A90J XR series will be available for the sale in Europe from July. More information is available on the official website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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