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Sony wants to become the ‘Nike’ of esports with the Inzone line

Sony launched the new line of hardware for the PC gaming Inzonewith the intention of becoming thereNike‘ dell’eSportst. The goal is to become the reference brand for i best gamers of the world and their fans.

Sony with Inzone wants to become the ‘Nike’ of eSports

For years Sony has concentrated its efforts in the gaming world on PlayStation. With great success, no doubt. But with the eSports market that continues to grow (estimated 577 million people worldwide by 2024), video game competitions are too important a reality for Sony not to invest in this market.

For this it launched the first headphones and monitors of the line Inzone and aims by 2025 to produce games for PC and mobile as well. An important change of course. And ambitious.

In fact, in an interview with Nikkei, Sony executive vice president Kazuo Kii imagines great results for this sub-brand. “The vision we have in mind it is that of Mizuno and Nike who procure shoes for the athletes. You can win money with esports. If a monitor lags even very little, you lose. Sony products will not disappoint people in these challenges ”.

The executive continues saying that “there are currently no leaders among established producers. The situation is similar to a plain with states at war. Qhis presents an opportunity for Sony”.

The company further explains that the Inzone line will target directly to ‘hardcore gamers’, not PlayStation users. Sony can therefore meet both eSports fans and athletes, as well as all the more ‘casual’ players. Pleasing both of them.

What do you think of this Sony strategy? Let us know in the comments.

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